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hood stick replacement


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There happens to be one on Eblag at the moment, not sure if its near enough to you and it may go for silly money. Craddocks surplus sometimes have them too or try some of the othe rmilitary dealers. Failing that North Off Road and protection and Performance do softop cages, both companies have a good reputation.

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all wheel trim sell them new for 275 , not sure of their build quality and i wouldnt like to have to trust one in a roll over.

http://www.allwheeltrim.co.uk/Frames.html (bottom of page)

safety devices make the mod ones dont they?

http://www.safetydevices.com/ in their defender 90 catalogue.

if you buy second hand make sure its complete or it could get costly trying to locate individual bits.

edit - the all wheel trim ones are 'galverniced'. :unsure:

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i think the one on e bay is stupidly expensive because you get a free tub with it , or the buyers might think the stick set is part of the deal.

around 100 quid for a complete set up is the norm.

edit = if you fit one on the back as well as the front you need tow different types of roll bar.

the one from all wheel trim is for the bulkhead end because it goes in to the capping and fixes to two corner brackets , the one in the e bay link will go at the rear of the tub because it bolts to the capping without the brackets (you wont get the brackets in there because of the rear lights) and also the rear one on e bay wont be a very good roll bar because of the way its fixed , i wouldn't want to rely on it in the event of a roll over.

i dont know if normal stick parts will join them both together , you also need sort of a half hoop in the middle dont you?

if not try safety devices for these bits. ;)

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I got my kit from All wheel trim for my 90 .All the Bars and Mohair roof It has a militry stryle roll bar. Which came from an old 109 and was re painted .

But All wheel trim do these bars anyway

Here is mine with the Mohair soft top



I would recomend their Bikin top too as they are very usefull



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