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lift for 35's


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how much lift do u need to run 35'son a disco

Depends on many things.

1. Exactly what tyres including width and tread.

2. What rims and offset

3. Intended use for the LR

If you just want to run some A/T's and keep it on the tarmac then very little needs to be done. If you plan to off road to a greater or lesser extremes then it'll take more.

I run 33.11.50R15 with big lugs, they measure about 34" though, running on 15x8 steel 8 spokes (sometimes with 1" wheel spacers). I have stock ride height & uprated suspension and trimmed arches. I also off road it.

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simex 35/11.5/15 heavy off road :)

thanks for the replies so far ;)

Personally I think it's more about trimming than just lifting. Well trimmed arches and a 2" lift would probably do it IMO, but I am only guessing. Not really keen on body lifts myself.

You'll also need to hack the front bumper down if it wraps round the sides and the sills will also get in the way.

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The ammount of axle articulation will also affect the fitting of tyres. some suspension setups such as the Gwyn Lewis challenge kit were designed for defenders, where the distance between the inner sides of the wheelarches is 6" less than on a discovery or RRC. The wheel offset as quite an effecton this as well. Cutting out the inner arches and making them protrude thurther into the vehicle would solve this, though you then be unable to fit the standard rear seats.

Body lifts are fairly effective and can be very cheap, though they can be more time consuming than suspension lifts.

Regardless of vehicle weight, a 1" body lify will provide an extra inch of clearance. The clearance gaineth through a spring lift can vary a lot with the springs. If stiffer springs are used then the spring will not compress as much as normal, a 1" spring lift could provide more than 1" extra clearance.

My preferance for an off roader is not to stiffen the springs too much, as a result when combined with longer travel suspension and extra weight my current spring lift doesn't provide much extra clearance for bigger tyres off road.

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I've done the 30mm body lift on mine for the same reason as yourself namely to keep the underneath clean as I also had to replace the rear floor,sides and the rear xmember, got my kit from wizardbilt on ebay. Kit comes with alloy blocks extended bolts rad extension bolts and an advice sheet plus some other bits, steering column has enough movement to go to this height , but beaware brake flexies will need replacing.

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