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  1. Not done a CR test yet. It’s on the list to do. HG is only 2000 miles old though. Smoke is very thick black over fuelling diesel smoke. Not oil. And is directly related to the amount of throttle input or load. It is definitely a fuelling issue. Too much fuel and/or too little air. I’m just not sure which. Engine is known and has been great for past 40,000+ miles. This problem appeared out of the blue. Engine starts easy. Really well in fact. And sounds like a peach and is super smooth. It is just lacking the turbo fed torque curve it should have. It “feels” like an NA power delivery. Not like a Tdi normally does. Despite what the boost gauge is showing.
  2. Nah oil is fine. Will check the boost diaphragm on the injector pump. We had the head off about 2000 - 3000 miles back and all looked good (had a failed oil cooler in the rad and had emptied all its oil into the header tank. Sadly we didn’t confirm the cooler until after we had the head off. But gave us chance to check). Checked the turbo tonight free spinning and no play and not as much oil as I feared there would be. Going to see if we can get a new actuator. Re-fitted the old one but seems to be making only 5psi on the gauge now. Which is a little puzzling.
  3. So we are having issues with a 200Tdi in 90. The motor has been in the vehicle for years and has always run really well. Out of the blue it has developed two issues (which must be related). 1. Loads of smoke 2. Less power The engine still runs super smooth, but looks like a steam train going down the road. Even on fairly light throttle loads. We are talking serious amounts of smoke. And very very black if you open the throttle. Power delivery feels very "n/a". It is smooth and pulls better at higher rpm, but overall is way down on performance of even a regular 2.5TD and nothing like it was only a few weeks back. It "feels" like there is no turboboost reaching the engine. As you can't feel or hear the turbo kicking in at all (you can feel the surge as it boosts normally) and it is lacking the fat low end torque curve a Tdi normally has. For all intensive purposes it seems like it has way more fuel than air. Things we have done so far. changed turbo hoses by-passed the intercooler with fresh hoses from turbo direct to intake ran without the turbo connected to the intake manifold checked the wastegate isn't stuck/jammed swapped on a 2nd hand actuator Ran an injector cleaner through it and fresh diesel We have a Boost gauge plumbed into the vac line from the turbo to the injector pump. This is showing 10-12psi with the original actuator and just under 10psi with the swapped one. Turbo hoses are a bit oily, more than I'd like to see normally. Especially the one coming just off of the turbo outlet. We have also tried running it without the turbo hooked up to the intake manifold (essentially n/a). Boost gauge showed no boost under these conditions. It did smoke slightly more and was slightly slower. But felt more like loosing 5hp rather than 40 or 50. Overall I think we can rule out any of the hoses, intercooler or Vac lines. I'm not convinced it is injector or even compression related. Which leaves just the turbo assembly and the injector pump. We'd like to swap on a new actuator to rule it out. But I can't seem to find one. The 300Tdi actuator mounts differently. Anyone know what options are available here? Any other suggestions on how we can further the diagnosis? Short of replacing the turbo and/or injector pump (both expensive options). I'm hoping there is something else we can try for little to moderate cost. Thanks EDIT: Forgot to say, the engine is a Discovery spec one. Not that I think it will make any odds in this circumstance.
  4. Thanks. Haven't had an issue with bushes though. The plate has sheared off diagonally along the bottom crossing over one of the U bolt holes.
  5. Have managed to shear off the lower rear shock mount on the spring plate. Looks like I may need to perform some R&D. Although it has lasted a good number of years since modding my 88. Can anyone help locate any of these? I’m assuming they are not remanufactuered at present. As il struggling to find them. I can find a couple of different spring plates listed for the front axle. Anyone know how these differ to the rear or if they can be substituted?
  6. In a positive or negative way?
  7. Can’t see a few feet of water being an issue air intake wise. As long as you aren’t parked in it, well up the grill will be fine with the stock intake. Water proofing the electrics on a petrol will be more important.
  8. I’m running Rough Country shocks on mine. Full details in my build thread.
  9. Hi. Only just seen this. Apologies for the delayed reply. I did did have an attempt 2. But I didn’t really find anything that out performed the halogens. The halogens are also quite resistant to being dipped underwater such as when fording. The last set of MR16’s I actually pulled them apart and removed the driver board from the unit and remote mounted in a sealed box high up in the engine bay. My final idea was to actually build a custom MR16 using one of the led units I’d got. Using a better LED and driver. But I never finished the project. I might pick it up again next winter though. Less need for the lights during the summer.
  10. Gearing wouldn't need touching, but everything the engine bolts or plumbs into would. It would be a massive amount of work to gain less power, less performance and a lot more noise. I'm a Tdi fan, have two 200Tdi's, but they are completely inferior to the latter engines in every regard.
  11. Disco 2 chassis is very different. As is the p38. Disco 1 and RRC are very similar.
  12. Thanks for the info. Was after a tubular bumper for an RRC. They built me a custom one to my specs for my D1 many years ago which has been great. And would happily have got another.
  13. Apologies for reviving an old thread. But does anyone know if Guardian are still in business? Their site seems to have gone, but I guess they could be trading under a different name these days. Thanks.
  14. The Jimny is a bit oddball, the UK has only been allocated 1000 vehicles for the first year. I believe dealers only know their allocation until March at present and you can't actually order one, only by on allocation. I'm sure any new Defender will sell well initially for the yuppie status. But LR would be fools to restrict numbers to 1000 units in the UK.
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