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  1. 200Tdi Disco box, want to remove the pitman arm. Any tips on doing this? Or anyone recommend a puller that makes light work of it. Thanks.
  2. They are handed, but have no markings or numbers on them. Thanks.
  3. How do the LSE air springs attach? The pics look like they bolt on like the lower spring seat does on the coil springs: P38 air springs have a socket and sit inside a mounting hole on the axle and are retained with pins. (ignore the fact it's a coil... the aluminium adapter is the same shape as the bottom of the p38 air springs)
  4. The stock air suspension on the p38 is actually quite a poor setup off road. Due to the long overhang at the rear you would want it in the extended ride height setting. But it was way to stiff and bouncy off road really. The Arnott Gen 3's should be a lot better, although the price of them is horrendous! On the flip side, I often used to lock my p38 into the motorway/lowered setting. Because it genuinely rode a lot better than when in the Normal ride height mode, due to the softer springs. But you could also feel it was a lot softer in the corners too. Really it was all the wrong way round. Low and firm for high speed is what I'd want. And a normal mode for general use that is comfy. With soft long travel suspension off road. ACE would also be the ultimate compliment on this era (any era??) of air sprung vehicle too. As you'd be able to keep a softer spring for ride quality, but still reduce body roll.
  5. 20mpg imperial from that setup as a mean average and not thrashing it. There is something not right at all. Fuel leak, poor map or calculating it and distance incorrectly.
  6. They said running at 70. You won’t be doing that in 4th!! Td5 has as much to do with BMW as Ferrari does.
  7. Agreed. Although I do quite a lot of Trials in my Land Rover(s). And turning radius is of utmost importance. And you can get better turning with a slightly wider track. The stock rims and even 235's can rub the radius arms. So there is more lock to be had. I effectively run mine without the lock stop nuts in place and use the flange on the axle tube as the lock stop. With the right tyre/wheel combo it makes for very good lock.
  8. As said, you will get more lock than the alloys. But if you add spacers (only need them at the front). You'll notice a lot more improvement, it will look stock. And is unlikely to cause any real world issues.
  9. Yes they could. The alloys are quite fat and sit quite inboard, so will hit the radius arms quite readily with the tyre if you adjust the steering stops. The Wolf rims should help give you a bit more clearance. As they move the centre line of the rim in relation to the outer edges. Although a narrower tyre would give a more pronounced affect. A 255/85 is right on the limit of the recommended size for a 6.5 rim, but should work. I'd suggest adding a 1" spacer on the front would help a lot. I am running One Ton rims like this on my 88 currently. Albeit with smaller tyres.
  10. You're in CA but using KM's? Is that US gallons or Imperial for the mpg? How are you actually working this out? Either way it seems low. Have you checked for fuel leaks?
  11. The traditional 90 is a pretty good example of what a modern ladder chassis live axle vehicle is capable of. Let's not forget 4 wheel traction control was offered in 1998. That is 22 years ago for those that didn't get the memo. The 90/110 has always had good wheel travel for a stock vehicle. So they are extremely capable with open diffs. TCS enhances them to be extremely capable in stock form. And lets not forget that for moderate money there are lots and lots of LSD or full locker options available too. As for modern comparisons. The Jeep JK and JL Wranglers. Comparable wheel travel stock for stock. Traction control standard, rear LSD optional MOPAR dealer fit on base models and Rubicon comes standard with front/rear lockers.
  12. That is more an example of wheelbase, not suspension..... I do recall your top photo. I don't think I agreed with whatever it was you were saying then either. Not sure why you have singled out 'Puma' either. The suspension is still the same as on other 90's. And not all Puma's have anti-roll bars factory fitted either. Also how do we know how high the wheels went in the air on the D4? The photo is only a snap in time... not saying they went higher. But a photo of this nature doesn't really prove much unless you are trying to misguide people into a false fact about something or other.
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