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  1. What rims do you have? The offset of the rim will play a big part in how much room there is between the tyre and radius arm on full lock. The steering stops may not be 100% the same, as the front suspension uses a panhard rod. So depending on how extended or compressed the suspension is, it will vary the location of the axle. ie as the vehicle moves up and down, the axle will move left and right in relation to the body. Reducing the steering lock will prevent the tyre hitting the the radius arm, but also potentially increase your turning circle. Deeper offset rims and/or wheel spacer
  2. I have Kumho MT51's on my p38 Range Rover. No real complaints if honest. Pretty decent on the road, although the RR has lots of sound proofing. Worked well in the small bit of snow we had this winter. They look more aggressive in person than the factory photos. Not used in real heavy mud, but I suspect about as good as you can reasonably get with going for a more aggressive mud terrain. Not sure I'd really call it an AT too, maybe somewhat too aggressive. MPG has taken a hit with them. On my Jimny I'm running Maxxis Wormdrive tyres. I have to say they have surpassed expectatio
  3. Hi and welcome to the forum. Not all car makers show individual trim levels with badges. Rover cars stopped doing this in the late 1990's I believe. Not really sure what kind of recourse you'd have with the dealer. Can't see that 'demanding' is going to get your far tbh.
  4. The Caterham is a specialist in its field. And offers function over the form. The Wrangler and old Defender did the same. I.e. it’s native design is suited to its niche abilities at the compromise of other abilities. Has nothing to do with size or weight. meaning if you want the ultimate driving experience or track car. Something like the Caterham is about as good as you can buy off the shelf. Something like a Focus ST on the other hand, is capable of as fast or quicker lap times than many Caterham models. But will never reward the same or offer the same sensations. On the flip side
  5. I was meaning more that the new Defender ends up with wheels in the air, wheel slip and in the TFL vid that I took the screenshot from, looks a bit like a bucking Bronco in slow motion. Don't get me wrong, the TCS is very good. But it never seems as smooth off road. Watch vids of the D3/4 or L320 RRS off road and compare D2's and Defenders and you get the same sort of thing. Obviously the lack of traction devices on the older models mean when cross axled they are likely to be stopped. But overall the vehicles always look more composed and those with TCS or aftermarket lockers/ATB's seem to me
  6. For me I think this pic sort of sums it up. While the Defender can be made to be capable, it always seems like hard work. While something like the Wrangler (or RRC, Disco1/2, p38, traditional 90/110) just make it look effortless. The Wrangler is akin to the Lotus Elise or Caterham 7 of the off road world. While the new Defender is more akin to being the Focus ST.
  7. It’s more to do with the entire NVH package that a Disco/RR has over a Defender. Lots of little things can make for a more refined vehicle.
  8. Should be fine. Although if the engine is stock a bigger inter cooler and remap would make a world of difference to the performance. If you off road, 35’s present high probability of breaking something diff/axle wise.
  9. Reckon I see 1 or 2 or more L320's every day. The comment in this thread made me think about it and actively look. I'm not doing big miles currently, only about 15 miles a day. But there seem to be plenty about. Although I suspect very few petrol powered ones. I do see probably double or triple the number of L494's however.
  10. Thanks. Pump sounds ok when you turn the key. But haven’t checked it beyond that as of yet. Has had some injector cleaner through it. But yes, the driving sensation would seem to match.
  11. Got a Td5 Disco that isn't running right, won't rev right and tops out at about 50-55mph. Have checked the wastegate/actuator, etc and no codes being thrown. Feels a bit like fuel. Have replaced the fuel filter in the rear wheelarch and put a diesel cleaner through it. It has improved slightly, but still not right. Is there another fuel filter somewhere on these or anything else anyone can suggest? The vehicle used to run really well, but has sat for about 12 months.
  12. Doesn't manually setting it all up sort of defeat the entire purpose of Terrain Response though? Not knocking it as an option, but it is almost an admission that the TR they offer today doesn't really work. To further this, if you have locking diffs and the like, while automated control can be great, if you are using a touchscreen to lock them manually, it makes it very difficult to change while on the move. A physical set of buttons would be a lot more useful for a 'manual' mode IMO. As there would be plenty of times I wouldn't want a rear locker engaged.
  13. Does the auto mode still kill the throttle? I'll admit I didn't use it when I tested the Defender. I selected Mud & Ruts as that was the terrain I was on, but like in that vid, I too got stopped by it killing the throttle. When I went on the LR Experience Day, they also told us to use Mud & Ruts. But it was quite unpleasant to drive due to it killing the throttle (it was very slippery on that day). So I switched to the Sand mode and it drove way better.
  14. I sort of agree. But it isn’t that straight cut. Personally I just wouldn’t expect Mud & Ruts to kill the power at any point. I don’t believe the Sand mode does. And the TR doesn’t make it obvious that you need to fiddle with other controls also. You’d kind of expect TR to control it all.
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