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  1. A fair point. But I'm still not sure what scientific backup there is to say you should only use 70% of a vehicles official rating. As for towing on a hitch.... well I took this over the weigh bridge the other day and it said 18.8 tonnes loaded. The MB Track only weighs a little over 7 tonne. Not the same thing I know, but still.
  2. I'm not sure their figures have any real scientific rational behind them. Surely the entire point of a legal manufacturer tow rating, is that is what the vehicle is safely capable of towing. The EU driving licence structure often likely limits or truncates this, as it sets additional limits based on your licence and vehicle category type. Basically I can't personally see any logical reason to accept the caravan clubs thinking. I would guess it likely came from a single, very out spoken member in a by-gone era. Who had very strong views about what you should tow. Also if this was in relation to
  3. Have seen 1 vehicle at the dealers with the 'walk through'. Although I'm not sure it really is a bit I'd want to step on, or if there is even room to do so. I suspect the cubby box could be retro fitted, but my hunch would be you'd struggle to get hold of one.
  4. "The designers of both Triumph and Rover submitted plans for the new car, of which the latter was chosen. David Bache was to head the design team, inspired by exotic machinery such as the Ferrari Daytona and 365 GTC/4" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rover_SD1
  5. Looks like the different materials are different colours to me.
  6. Green is the colour I'd pick from the online configurator. However in the flesh I didn't actually like it. It does look better in the matt finish, but my word is it an expensive option or what! BTW - There looks to be a huge colour discrepancy in the pic above, look at the rear pillar with the small lights and compare to the rear wing. Bit odd looking, wonder if it is only visible on camera and not with the naked eye?
  7. Insurance is what Nonimouose posted, saying you need an engineers report to get it. I asked what insurance companies he represents if this is the case, as it was posed as a fact. I have indeed contacted the DVLA/VOSA/DVSA and posted a letter I have had from them in the past on this forum. Sadly it still seems to fall on deaf ears.
  8. No it isn't, that is taking an extreme stance. Lots of things look 'similar'. Certain model years of Passat and Mondeo share a very strong design ethos. As Mr Jim R is a self declared Land Rover Series/Defender fan. And he building a vehicle in the image of.... It is of no surprise that it has very strong inspiration. The Grenadier and a Defender clearly look very different to anyone with eyes. But it is also clear to see there has been huge inspiration in the design. For example, here is the origin of the Land Cruiser line.... do you see any familiarity with any other 4x4's th
  9. It is. It is in the same place, doing the same job. It just isn't quite as pronounced. But the Grenadiers also looks different in shape and profile to that of a Defender or Series.
  10. I have been insuring modified vehicles for 21 years with many different insurers. And never once been asked or required to produce an engineers report in order to be insured. In most cases the insurance companies do not really care what the modifications are in detail. Just a general category of what type of modification it was, e.g. different engine, suspension, body alterations, etc.
  11. What you have said doesn't read well and appears to make little sense. Could you try re-phrasing please. I've read it twice and still have no clue. Also, what are leaf springs got to do with this? They use a completely different kind of mounting. A coil vs air does not. Especially when the manufacturer offered both and you would be using all factory parts. I believe you are deliberately trying to change the discussion to something completely unrelated, just to make your point valid.
  12. Jimny also has the hips too. Daresay there are others too.
  13. No, I don't believe it would impact Type Approval, unless you were going into manufacturing of the vehicles..... The government clearly sets out what you can do to a vehicle via the Radically Altered vehicle regs and the Rebuilt Vehicle regs, i.e. what "modifications" are permitted and to what level. These regs clearly state at what point the vehicle would need re-approving in the form of an IVA. https://www.gov.uk/vehicle-registration/radically-altered-vehicles https://www.gov.uk/vehicle-registration/rebuilt-vehicles There is a degree of interpretation required of the regs
  14. Have seen the TV advert a few times. Only seen one 110 though on the road. Excluding the one I drove and the one a friend has bought (which I've only seen parked in his garden so far).
  15. BFG KM3’s can be had in 7.50 x 16. Probably the best tyre for your use and the correct size.
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