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  1. A YJ is a much narrower Vehcile than an RRC though.
  2. The rim outer location will vary depending on the offset more than just the width. And this won’t necessarily alter the outer edge location of the tyre itself.
  3. The issue you’ll face is a 12.5 width tyre on its own is going to stick outside the arches. Any spacer will make this worse. And in the U.K. to remain legal you need to keep the tyres inside the arches.
  4. I think dangerous might be stretching the truth a little. But yes is normally just beyond what is ‘recommended’ by tyre manufacturers. That said, a 15x8 vs 15x10 is going to have little overall difference on the steering or how much the tyres stick out of the arches. The tyre tread will still be the same width.
  5. Tall skinny tyres

    The kingpin diamonds are a little worn. But not over than inch of tread worn. It’s just a shorter tyre despite being labelled as a 7.50. Interestingly the diamonds are still about an inch taller Fedima Partners in 7.50 x 16.
  6. Springs....

    Agree. This is what I’ve been after too. Kicking myself for not buying the Flatdog ones when they had them listed.
  7. Springs....

    Don’t know if you’ve solved this yet. But as you are mounting a different body on the chassis it gives opportunity to effectively perform a body lift when you locate the bulkhead and other body mounts. That way you won’t need to go as tall on the suspension lift. I too would like some +4” soft springs. Flatdog in the U.K. used to list them but don’t know.
  8. Tall skinny tyres

    Tyres mounted on some One Ton rims. This is one compared to a Kingpin 7.50 x 16 diamond. Suprisingly the BlackStar 7.00 is taller and narrower.
  9. Tall skinny tyres

    I’m running these at the moment. Nice height. But considerably fatter than a 7.50 x 16 XZL. They actually ride pretty well all things considered. Suspect they aren’t all that different to a 255/85R16. Maybe a smidgen narrower.
  10. Tall skinny tyres

    A 9.00 x 16 might be narrowish for its height. But it’s still pretty wide overall. Really after something narrower. As per my op. I’d really like a 7.50 X 19. Ie something the height of a 9.00 but the width of a 7.50. The bigger rim would mean the sidewall height wouldn’t need to be any taller than a 7.50 x 16. And as per the other poster. Choice of 9.00 x 16’s is very very limited. Petlas about the only real MT and often in a heavy ply rating. Not great for an 88” Land Rover.
  11. Tall skinny tyres

    Hi. Haven’t posted in a while. But thought I’d share As some of you may recall. I have a thing for tall and skinny off road tyres. Now don’t get me wrong I simply love how big fat monster truck style tyres look on a Land Rover. And indeed I even own a fat set of Simex Jungle Trekker II’s. But it has been my experience that for most off roading in the U.K. that I’ve done at the very least. Skinny tyres tend to actually work better. And certainly if you are into trials events. Narrow tyres tend to make the Vehcile turn better and keep total Vehcile width down. Obviosuly there are some exceptions, such as very sandy soil where fat tyres do work better on. But shall we say for 80-90% of the places I’ve off roaded over the years. Narrow tyres would be my choice. For the past several years I’ve been on the look out for some. My ideal tyre would be something like a 7.50 x 18 or 7.50 x 19. But alas nobody makes anything remotely close to this. And even if they did. Rims for them might be an issue too. Leaving 7.50 x 16’s as the only real contender. But sadly so many are built on 235/85R16’s these days and the 7.50 ends up being short and fat!! There are still a few true 7.50’s about but I’ve never been one to follow the heard as it were. Howver I’ve just picked up a set of these. BlackStar Guyane 2 They are a 7.00 x 16. A tad narrower than a 7.50 and they should be shorter. But these seem pretty tall for some reason. They are physically taller than Fedima Partners in 7.50 by an inch or so. Here they are lined up to some 235/85R16 BFG MT KM 02’s. As you can see they are much narrower but almost identical height. And here compared width wise with to some 235/85R16 Cooper STT’s. And again almost identical height. The treat pattern looks pretty decent too. Big lugs, good tread depth and nice voids to clear the mud out of the tyre. I’ll report back once I’ve used them a little.
  12. LED headlights

    Another option is to just run some good LED bulbs. Heck of a lot cheaper. http://budgetlightforum.com/node/50238
  13. Grab handle ideas needed

    Curious, but what is a 550FG door handle?
  14. Grab handle ideas needed

    My competition Land Rover is a bit taller to get into these days. Looking for ideas of some kind of grab handles I can fit and ideas on how to mount them. Primarily to aid egress and exit of the vehicle. It's a Series III pick up cab, windscreen to give ideas of where handles could be mounted and a stock Series upper and lower dash.
  15. Flexi rubber wheel arches?

    Looking good.