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  1. Thanks. I came across it ages back, but wasn't sure if it was a Land rover running portals or a lot more modified. Is it also using the C303 chassis/engine?
  2. Departure angle is very good. But once again we see the new Defender doing a tricycle impression
  3. Don't know how good this is off road, although clearly not a huge amount of "Land Rover" left in the driveline, if any!
  4. 0.4s sounds too big a difference between a 90 and 110. Do we know the weight difference? I'm guessing not huge. And sadly 0-60mph doesn't really mean much these days. The difference in performance will be the 0-100mph and the 20-100mph times or 30-120mph. You can see how this difference pans out in this vid. 4.2 s/c RRS vs 5.0 s/c RRS. On paper the 0-60mph times are probably pretty close. But real world the difference is huge. Also worthy of note. The 4.2 s/c./ is still substantially quicker than a 4.4 TDV8 L322 and the new V8 Defender is quicker than the
  5. I believe there are several ways of modding the driveline. Depends if you want the full 6wd or just a 6x4. For road use, such as a transporter the latter would be fine. But if you plan to go off road you'll likely want the fully 6x6 experience. Certainly worth spending some time searching the forum and Google for what has been done prior. I believe someone has even used electric drive for one of the axles. Do you have a particular intended use for the vehicle?
  6. Marginally, more like significantly. Just as the Supercharged L322 is also a lot quicker than the TDV8. I'm not knocking the diesel, it is a fab engine. Parkers say 8.6 sec 0-60 for the 3.6 and 7.5 sec 0-60mph for the 4.4 TDV8. parkers.co.uk/land-rover/range-rover/estate-2002/specs/ If the Defender is under 5 sec 0-60mph that is a HUGE difference.
  7. 238/85R16 is a good size that works well for pretty much everything. But they might look a bit small and less monster truck than you are used too. Wide wheels should in theory allow you to float on soft ground better, but this doesn't always mean you'll be able to drive about on it as well. Re: the wheels sticking out. Obviously it isn't a major issue, but there would be no exemption using as a work truck, so you could be pulled over and prosecuted. Or worse, if you were in a road accident, then someone might make it an issue. Depends how risk adverse you are really. There are aftermarket
  8. Just watched the insights video above. He says "a little under forty thousand pounds commercial" and "mid forties retail". £37-38k + VAT would make approx £44-45k inc VAT. Certainly LC/Wildtrack ballpark figures. And no mention of how many models or specs yet. I assume if it sells well during the first 12 months, they may introduce a lower base spec model and maybe a higher spec one too. So maybe pricing in the region of £33-48k?? I'm guessing. But being hopeful
  9. Not sure tbh I didn't check, I'd assume with. Although I'd say the Grenadier appears to be of higher spec and capability than the LC. Which might be enough to demand a premium. Taking a look at the Ranger Wildtrack, with an automatic and rear load box (to match the Grenadier in basic spec). Prices are in the £40k bracket. I honestly have no idea what prices Ineos will announce. I guess they need to make profit and will depend on how many/easy they think they will sell. And I guess how many utility use vs lifestyle. As the latter (lifestyle) can normally be sold for more. I'd be surprised
  10. Don't get me wrong. It is priced outside my means too! But I'm just looking at what else is on the market that I suspect the Grenadier will be pitched against.
  11. Hi Jed. Just so that you know, in the UK having the tyres sticking out of the wheel arches is illegal. I can see from the pics that this is the case. This isn't an MoT thing, it is all down to the Construction & Use Regulations. I believe a 285/65R18 needs an 8-10" wide rim. The Sawtooth is 8" so they will fit, although a 9" rim would likely make them sit better with less side wall bulge.
  12. But we don’t know it will be £50k. Where are you getting the price from? On a similar note. What can you buy today for £29k that would be either comparable to a Defender or a Grenadier? Remember the Grenadier is coming with a punchy motor. Not some wheezy Transit engine. And is looking to me much higher spec than a Defender ever was too. If you go on the Toyota website and price up a Land Cruiser Commercial I think you might be surprised at the price. Or likewise something like a Wildtrack Ford Ranger.
  13. Thanks for the vid link. Re: Smarts, I think that was true of earlier models. I've also had a Smart Roadster. But the current 453 gen doesn't suffer leaks that I'm aware of. At least nothing on the forums about it when I was on them and mine lived out 24/7.
  14. I had a ForTwo new in 2017, did 52,000 miles in it. Not a single issue. Can't fault the quality from a personal point of view. Wouldn't half the price of a G-Wagen still mean about £70k? I can't see them pitching at this price point, at least not for the base starting price. I would assume their target market is the well specced pickups and things like the Commercial Land Cruiser. Which would be £35-50k depending on exact spec.
  15. I can see there is a lot of love for the BFG AT's. If the op plans to off road, then I'd agree. They won't be a bad tyre choice at all, but if you are correct in saying 90% on road (and the assumption that the 10% off road is only mild off roading). Then there are more road biased tyres than the BFG AT that might work better for the 90% of the time and still be suitable enough for the 10%.
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