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  1. I’m sure importers are already looking. But they will add extra margin for themselves. Cheapest is probably a RoRo (roll on/roll off) transport or a container you arrange yourself. You will then have to pay VAT and import duty. It will then need an IVA. Which might take a bit with the Bronco. As the factory fit bonnet tie downs are likely a no no here. And maybe some other bits. once IVA’d it’ll need registering and away you go. It will all add up. But should still be feasible. Eg you can get a really good spec Bronco easily for $43,000 which is about £31k currently. I think duty & VAT would come in just under £10k. Shipping £1500-2000 when I last looked a few years ago. And IVA + alterations to get it to pass might be another £1k+ All in all if you simply swap the $ sign of the US price for a £ sign. That is approx what it’ll likely cost you +- 10% If you get a company to do it all for you or buy from a U.K. importer, then probably add 20-25% more for their margin.
  2. Sadly doesn’t meet EU construction regs. And the tiny market here probably doesn’t make it worth the development effort. Not when Ford are likely to struggle to meet USA demand for a few years at any rate. Our only hope is if they decide to sell it in Oz or look for a grey import.
  3. I’ never seen anyone else running 8.25 x 16 not even sure you can get them these days. On the farm we had a set of 5 XZL’s in this size. I really liked them. More narrow than a 255 but tall. Fitted my Series III lovely and I used them as a green laning tyre. We still have one that is practically unused. But 2 are very worn now and haven’t been able to source anymore.
  4. I bet the US Ranger has a better tow rating using largely the same platform and hardware. edit: yep 7500lbs for the Ranger.
  5. The Jeeps are perfectly comfy on the road. As for towing. They usually have a super low rating. I think this is to prevent them taking sales from pickups in N America. But sadly translated to fairly carp tow ratings here in the U.K. It is most certainly marketing and political lead. Not a technical limitation.
  6. Think they are all the same. Although bumpers changed over the years. Which can add to the illusion. Also the 3 door has longer front doors which makes the proportions look different. But they shouldn’t be. I’m not 100% sure on the LSE which is 108” wheelbase while all other RRC’s are 100”. But I thought the extra space was between the B and C pillars.
  7. Thanks. 👍 My info is out of date. But I’d guess when TFL got theirs maybe they couldn’t at the time get the Duratracs or recovery points either? I must confess I haven’t seen a new Defender in Duratracs in person. Can’t really comment on the rear recovery points as I didn’t see the back of all of them. The hardtop I saw on the white steelies look good. But the tyres were road ones.
  8. I dunno. I know lots of people with Land Rovers and Defenders. Even someone with a new Defender. By and large they all go off road. Maybe it is because I’m in the farming circle and have been around trials and competitions all my life. But I don’t think I personally know anyone who owns a Defender and doesn’t use it off road to some extent. but I guess it is a bit like not every Porsche or Lotus owner takes their car on a race track. But there is still the expectation that they should excel in that area should they venture into a circuit. With the Defender it’s territory is of course off the beaten track rather than race track 😃 with regards to mods. Not 100% sure what you mean. But suspect you are trying to say you feel the Jeep and Ford are modified because they have greater off road focus. But that isn’t really fair. They are bone stock factory vehicles. In the Fords case the Sashqatch package is available on all trims including base and more road luxury variants. The Jeep is a bit different and only the Rubicon gets the lockers like this. But base spec and Sahara can option a rear LSD and off road tyres still.
  9. I thought the Duratracs were a dealer only fit option not factory? And only very recently introduced if at all yet. Certainly in the U.K. also the rear recovery points weren’t on the U.K. configurator unless you bought the X model for about £100k. This might have changed. But I did quiz the guys at the Experience Centre and they had no answers at the time. Although in fairness, traditional Defenders never came with recovery points either.
  10. Is their Defender not a good example of the majority being sold though? While I personally love the steel wheels. I’ve only seen a hard top fitted with them. All of the others I’ve seen, including the entire fleet at the Land Rover Experience centre at Eastnor where all shod with alloys. I’d also suspect the majority being sold in the U.K. also don’t have the rear locker either. As for modifying. I think that is the point, both the Bronco and Wrangler can be bought from the factory in a spec that needs no mods. Or in other words are already modified from the factory. Land Rover just don’t offer anything to this level and the vehicle is far less adaptable to aftermarket mods. I’m sure if they were modding. Then the Wrangler would have been rolling on 35’s and the Bronco likely on 37’s.
  11. Glad you seem to be on the right track. The only thing I'd add is, do maybe reconsider the 3.5 Not that is anything fundamentally wrong with the 3.5, but it is by far and away the least powerful variant and most 3.5's are low CR making them even slower. To the point that a good Tdi will give them a very good run for their money performance wise and feel a lot more grunty. We have just swapped a twin Stromberg factory 3.5 out for an EFI 3.9 and it is a night and day difference. With the easy availability of a 4.0 or 4.6 it would be money much better spent IMO.
  12. Does anyone have the part numbers for the door card fixings on an 1988 era Ninety? I think they just screwed on. But can’t remember. Thanks.
  13. Maybe. But it does highlight that the Defender is not really comparable in this company. Still highly capable mind. But very much a different kind of vehicle and outclassed here and not just in the tyre department.
  14. Thanks. Wonder which would work better. This looks more like the OEM replacement. But the one you linked might work better. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FLOCKED-LINED-RUBBER-SLIDING-WINDOW-CHANNEL-UPTO-4-6MM-GLASS-/224144606416?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m2548.l6249&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0
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