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  1. Is the vehicle sitting higher too? You may want some longer shocks if they are fully extended. Also a good modern shock is likely to help. The pics look like you have 2 and 3 leaf parabolics, they should be softer than the stock leaf packs. Although remember there will still be limitations of being a leaf sprung vehicle. I'd also look at using as many polybushes in your setup too (remember to grease them too).
  2. So let me get this right, you don't want to pay for a downpipe that will do the job, but expect someone who has, to then provide you with all info to build one. How about I send some photos for £130, a bargain surely... 🙄
  3. I have a gearing spreadsheet I built ages back, before Ashcorfts online one. 4000rpm with 32" tyres gives and 4.7 diffs with stock gearboxes: Roamerdrive 88.1mph Fairy OD = 90.4mph Suspect you'd do very well to actually get to 4000rpm in top though. So I believe 85mph with a bit of downhill assist is possible
  4. Had a 200Tdi in my 88 SIII. Stock gearbox/transfer box and 3.54 diffs. Ran various tyres from 7.00 x 16 thru to 8.25 x 16's. I GPS clocked it at 89mph on the level and it wouldn't go any quicker. I forget what tyres it was on, probably some 7.50's. Would happily sit at 65-70mph if you wanted too. With the 4.7 diffs I forget how it ran, but was more like 60-65mph top speed, but I never tried to Vmax before swapping the diffs out.
  5. Can't understand replacing the stock intercooler with another stock one myself. A bigger intercooler is nothing but positive on every front.
  6. It is completely subjective. What will be right for one person, will not be for another. I would say, while the transfer box will lower cruising rpm, don't expect miracle on how much sound this will reduce. The rpm of the engine is only one of many things that contribute the noise you hear when going down the road. It is probably also worth noting that there are other options, you could get an OD like a Roamerdrive. Bit pricey but arguably a better solution. Or if you have your gearbox rebuilt you can replace the 5th gear with a taller ratio, thus retain the same performance in the remaining 4 gears.
  7. As nothing more than an owner of a used vehicle. How do you know what isn't standard and what is? Some items may be obvious. But Boost alloys for example. Unless you are an "expert", how would you know if they were or weren't standard fit on any particular model year? My point being, unless they want to inspect the vehicle. Then there is a very finite limit to what you should be claiming as non standard.
  8. Should be ok with those tyres. As you can run that size on a D1/RRC. Pulling away in 1st requires more slip and you’ll find you probably need 3rd gear for 30mph rather than 4th unless on the level.
  9. I think for me that is my issue. If you aren't an idiot, then such pre-set controls are maybe the wrong ones. I want to be able to set it up the way I want it, not how someone in an office behind a computer decided to set it up. If you buy a Jeep, G-Wagen, Toyota, etc they all have manual controls for these things in their more off road biased vehicles.
  10. I'd say budget £95-110 a corner for a reasonable tyre. I quite like some of the BFG offerings, but if I'm being honest, I don't think they are worth the asking price.
  11. Assuming it is a stock Disco 300Tdi box it will have the taller 1.2:1 high range gearing. This will raise all of your gears, as well as give you better cruising rpms. The downside is, it may blunt performance in terms of acceleration and may make it feel less peppy. Really depends on your driving style and the types of roads you will be on, to how much impact this will have. For motorway/dual carriage the taller gearing makes sense. For B-roads and country lanes less so. What size tyres are you running at the moment?
  12. I certainly don't deny the L322 is 'better' all round. Especially in the comfort department. Just not so on the fun side of things. Also off roading is very dependent on what you are doing. One of the sections we setup at weekend had a crest that when you went over it, the front bumper of a Defender was only about 1" clear of the ground. A Discovery or Range Rover of any sort would have been stuffing it's nose in the dirt, ok if it's a beat up trials vehicle. But not something I'd have wanted to subject a plastic fronted tidy road vehicle too.
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