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  1. Do you have a reference to the legislation for this? I've heard conflicting things. But I struggle to believe a tyre to match the vehicles top speed is actually a requirement for road use. Especially when some car makers don't even publish a top speed for a vehicle. So how'd you know what speed rating tyres you'd need?
  2. So, not really had chance to follow up on this. I did re-fit my 7.00 x 16 tyres, as I was meant to be setting up an event this month. But that was cancelled due to the lockdown. Only had one chance to run the metrics at the same location and recorded 11.5sec on the 50-75mph run. I'd like to get some more runs in, but things were against me at the time. And the vehicle is now back on its 33.10.50R15's. So it will be something for the future. I have also discovered I have a binding rear brake, so this needs sorting too. But I hate doing jobs like that this time of year. So
  3. Not wanting to be a skeptic, but there is also a possibility that TLF are making this a little more dramatic than it actually is.... after all, their primary intent is viewer ratings and numbers. And what brings in this more than controversy? You only have to look at their marketing slogans on nearly all of their videos to get the gist of how they operate. And isn't is convenient that almost every car they have that needs controversy, seems to get it on their channel? How many issues did they claim to have with Tesla's for example. I'm not saying they are outright lying, but at the e
  4. I have the X3's on my 88. They go pretty well, not had much chance to try in anger in the dirt yet. For serious mud I'd say the KM3 looks to be a better pattern IMO. But I wanted something good all round including on the road. Plus I love the red writing on the sidewalls!!
  5. I don't think there is much in the 18" rim sizes. 17's there is a lot more choice (early L322's used 17" rims, but I don't know if they clear D3 brakes). Although many of the mainstream tyre makers only offer BIG (35"+) in the larger rim sizes. Which is a no go really. The MALATESTA KAMEL is a BFG KM2 copy and available in a size that might work. They also do a AT copy in similar sizes too. http://www.malatesta.it/lista-disegni.php?codGenere=4 BFG also do 18" https://www.bfgoodrichtires.com/tires/mud-terrain/mud-terrain-t-a-km3.html
  6. Dana 60 centres. Still pretty good axles and should be stronger overall than a Rover axle. I believe Dana had been supplying the Rover axles for many years however.
  7. Have you driven any other Tdi's for comparison? I've found over the years that you sometimes get a lame one. Especially with the Tdi's. It doesn't really matter what you do to them, they never perform as well as other engines setup the same. Obviously there must be some difference. But bolt on tuning isn't likely to overcome it. Personally I think Tdi's go pretty well. And are quite addictive when tuned. It really shouldn't feel sluggish, infact they can have very good sensation. A big dollop of torque and shove in the back, followed by smooth revs. Even if the reality is you aren't going
  8. I think the 200Tdi should officially be boosting 12psi and 14psi for a 300Tdi. Depending on exactly where you have plumbed the gauge in, 10-11psi sounds about right to me.
  9. With the number of Broncos likely to be sold. Yes, few of the owners would likely have been potential Defender owners. However in the USA I suspect that quite a number of potential Defender owners might opt for a Bronco instead. Prices are not so far adrift, although specs vary between them.
  10. Liking the look of the rim choices. Have to say I'm genuinely excited about this vehicle. Although I'm unlikely to be able to afford a new one. It's a very much "want" vehicle. Alongside things like the new Bronco, Wrangler, Dodge Ram TRX and Chevy Colorado ZR2. Whereas the new Defender sits firmly in the 'interested' list, but probably not one I'd actually buy; New Defender, Raptor Ranger, F150 Raptor.
  11. I fear we are straying a little too far from the topic of the New Defender. Feet, jaws and evolution probably want their own thread.
  12. I know theory says all this is true. And you can feel it in some cars from one extreme weather condition to another. But day to day I think it is almost of little to no significance. I regularly drive a section of road where I can log by eye a performance benchmark, which I do as often as possible (3-5 times a week, most weeks). While the conditions may change, what I see on the speedo is always almost 100% the same. I'm sure with proper timing gear and measuring down to the tenth or one hundredth of a second or mph there would be variance. But in reality this means almost nothing.
  13. A few weeks back I attended a Land Rover Experience at Eastnor Castle. While I've been around Land Rovers all my life, this was actually my first foray to one of their "Experience" centres. I opted for Eastnor, as it is a lovely place and I've trialled there in the past. I also thought it'd make a good day out. Eastnor Castle is about 2 hrs away from me, all cross country and a lovely drive. My brother was accompanying me and we decided to go in my new Suzuki Jimny. Which incidentally was great to drive there and back. On arrival the Jimny seemed to spark some interest at the gate. A
  14. Thanks Red90. Yes the 78mph vs 70 was just a rolling start from point x to point y on a level gradient and set distance. My 4.6 p38 does approx 84mph over this distance. This is comparing pre boost ring & manifold. I didn’t gps with just the boost ring, but the speedo would have equates to 74-75mph. So still a speed increase with just the manifold. As for vmax I GPS clocked it at 95.4mph. Which is circa 5% increase (this is boost ring and manifold).
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