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  1. LED headlights

    Another option is to just run some good LED bulbs. Heck of a lot cheaper. http://budgetlightforum.com/node/50238
  2. Grab handle ideas needed

    Curious, but what is a 550FG door handle?
  3. Grab handle ideas needed

    My competition Land Rover is a bit taller to get into these days. Looking for ideas of some kind of grab handles I can fit and ideas on how to mount them. Primarily to aid egress and exit of the vehicle. It's a Series III pick up cab, windscreen to give ideas of where handles could be mounted and a stock Series upper and lower dash.
  4. Flexi rubber wheel arches?

    Looking good.
  5. LT230 ATB

    The Borg Warner doesn't need a diff lock as it never really fully locks. That's the beauty of it for a trials Vehcile. It'll keep both propshafts rotating but will allow them to rotate at different speeds. A classic Range Rover with one will generally turn significantly tighter than a Disco 1 with an LT230 and a locked centre diff. Despite the same axles and wheelbase. And of course you can use the handbrake on the Borg Warner and lock the rear wheels. Whereas on an LT230 you need to take the diff lock out first and then remember/have time to put it back in again after using the hand brake. My thoughts where along the lines of, would an ATB LT230 drive like the Borg Warner off road without the need to lock the LT230's diff lock. However thinking on it. Maybe it would only work if you could keep all 4 wheels on the ground. Lifting a single wheel might be enough to upset the apple cart. A TCS equipped Defender would probably work well with it however.
  6. LT230 ATB

    Not allowed for trials competitions.
  7. Series Tdi's - refinement and noise levels

    Thanks. Have windows in the back of mine, so no drumming from the panels. And it's more of a direct noise comparison to how the vehicle was with the 2.25p engine.
  8. Flexi rubber wheel arches?

    I have seen those on ebay before. Not really sure how tough they are, suspect they should be comparable to a stock Defender arch though. Not too sure on how they look mind. I actually have some MM4x4 extended arches at the moment, but thought they looked a little bulky. And that the flexi rubber solution seemed to add less width to the vehicle overall. QT seem to sell them, as per the first reply to the thread. Although I haven't seem them on their website, and I believe Tomcat Motorsport might sell them too, but their site is down at the moment, so can't see if they list them or not.
  9. Series Tdi's - refinement and noise levels

    Thanks for the replies. Yeah it's not the vibrations so much, it's the noise in general. Tickover in mine is actually ok, although the X-Brake linkage does make a rattle when the brake is on (it didn't with the old drum in place). But if you have the brake off, the cabin is quite rattle free and moderately smooth on tick over. But when underway, there is just a lot of noise. I've not been able to pinpoint it exactly, but think it's mostly from the bulkhead/firewall and transmission tunnel. I've got a quiet exhaust fitted, so it's not exhaust noise and outside the vehicle it's actually pretty quiet and smooth. Dipping the clutch and coming off the throttle when cruising or going downhill results in a massive drop in noise. I have added sound proofing to the underside of the front floors and in the transmission tunnel. Maybe I just need to pile on some more matting on the inside, as it's just metal at the moment. All mounts, engine and gearbox where new last March. And I think I mentioned it earlier, recently went in an 88 coiler with a 200Tdi and LT-77 using Discovery mounts. Despite no sound proofing at all and a noisy exhaust, it's so much more refined and quieter.
  10. '93 Diesel RRC

    Yeah I did some Googling after posting. TBH I actually like all of them, but I do like light airy cabins if given the choice. Something so many modern cars fail miserably at.
  11. '93 Diesel RRC

    I agree it is. But I might be odd, I like the open feeling in a cabin. Earlier Range Rovers, with the exposed hinges have lovely interiors for this reason. And I rather liked much of the styling in the early Disco interior too for the same reasons. Isnt the softdash essentially the same as the same period Disco? I remember we had two Discos at the time. One with each interior. The latter might have looked more 'modern' and certainly a larger dash. But the actual switch gear like the heater temp and fan controls felt cheap and flimsy by comparison.
  12. '93 Diesel RRC

    +1 never really saw the appeal of the soft dash. Same with the Disco, early models have much nicer switch gear.
  13. '93 Diesel RRC

    The good thing is, no matter what, all the oily & mechanical bits are pretty much the same as other RR's, or Disco's of similar era.
  14. LT230 ATB

    Wondered how it compared to the viscous unit in a Range Rover off road. And how much it removes the need to lock the diff on difficult terrain. As in theory it should allow for a tighter turning circle than having the diff locked.
  15. Series Tdi's - refinement and noise levels

    Just wondering what other people's experiences are with Tdi's in Series motors? Have they been nosy and unrefined, even by Land Rover standards? My hunch is, Series engine mounts are just solid blocks of rubber that the engine sits on, which then transfers a lot more noise and harshness through to the chassis and thus the cabin too. A 90 is far more refined by comparison. As they use a large donut style mount, which essentially allows the engine to float and isolates much of the vibration and noise from the chassis.