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  1. 4” lift! Wow. Are you in Iceland building an Artic style truck? If not I’d look at lowering it a lot. A stock Defender is like running a 2” lift kit on other 4x4’s. ie they are already pretty high.
  2. Indeed. The problem you have is, the Discovery has a 100" wheelbase vs 92.9" for the 90. So the rear prop on a Discovery will be longer. Do you know who put the gearbox in? The might have just shortened and balanced the Disco prop. Also did you say you need a wide angle prop? Any particular reason?
  3. What you need to know is if your gearbox is mounted in the stock location. If it is, then the transfer box will be too. If the gearbox isn't, then the props will likely need to be different lengths. Maybe another off the shelf item for another model year. Or worse case a custom prop. You might need to crawl under and have a look how and where the gearbox is mounted and maybe measure the props. Or buy via trial and error. Just measure the new one against the old before fitting.
  4. Very interesting, thank you I don't suppose you have any proof of the Type Approval for 255/85's do you, or know a way to get hold of it?
  5. Thanks. Sorry if I misunderstood. Are you saying you had extended bump stops for a p38 Range Rover, not just a general bump stop from another Land Rover product? Reason I ask is, the stock p38 bump stops are not solid rubber. They are designed as a rubber spring. Land Rover foresaw that should the EAS carp out, you will need to drive it on the bump stops a short way. So specially designed them, e.g. The regular bumpstops on a Defender/RRC/D1 are completely different and are as you describe solid rubber. The issue with the p38 stops is, bigger tyres hit the arches when the EAS craps out, before you reach the bump stops. Under normal suspension flex you will not compress the air spring enough to reach the bump stop.
  6. I don't mind criticism. But it seems people are obsessed with IVA/insurance and the like. If I'd wanted to know about those things I'd have asked. I wasn't, I was just sharing what I'd done and my experiences. And didn't really need a grilling about something that isn't an issue or even worth talking about. Wasn't just this thread.... but the same thing else where. And it's not as if places like LR4x4 aren't littered with modified vehicles anyway.... As for EAS. Yes I agree to an extent, I'd like to have kept it. But it came down to the choice of keep the air suspension and don't use the vehicle and possibly scrap it. Or convert to coil and enjoy it. Having now done so, the benefits of EAS are not enough to make me ever consider going back to it. And I don't think it really has changed the essence of the vehicle either. It is still a p38 on the road. BTW - I did look for longer p38 bump stops. Do you know of any places that sell them?
  7. I haven’t. But won’t that just make the steering feel heavier?
  8. Curious. What factory Defenders has 255/85R16?
  9. There is a wiring kit you can get. Pretty easy to install. When you turn the ignition on it comes up on the dash display as “EAS manual” for a sec or two. No warning lights.
  10. Have to say I quite like it. No real complaints from me. It looks exactly the way it should IMO. Actually no, I'm going to revise that statement. I really like it!
  11. To my understanding, no. The gov have a radically altered vehicles policy. Which scores a vehicle on the items of originality and loose points for certain things. Not enough points and IVA. But unless you have changed a lot or altered the chassis, you are fine. (Google is your friend if you want more info). Personally I'm of the opinion my p38 wouldn't even register on the scheme. It has a section for 'suspension'. But does not define it. In reality I have not changed the suspension setup on my vehicle, it is still a live axle radius suspension setup. i.e. I haven't changed it to independent suspension. All I have done is change the springs. Arguably no different in principle to fitting progressive springs to a Defender or a lift kit, or parabolics on a leafer. Or air assister bags on a coil sprung vehicle.
  12. Is the whole world obsessed with stuff like this?? Not having a go directly at you, but across 3 threads in three days. And 3 different forums, people only seem to care about saying how 'x' vehicle and mod is illegal, can't be insured, not safe or needs an IVA. Yet none of these people have bothered to check before the posting! At this rate I'll stop bothering trying to share stuff that I thought people might find interesting on an enthusiasts forum.
  13. I think it means their marketing department is probably their most prised possession
  14. Yet in many places outside the EU modified suspension is perfectly fine and accepted. Who is to say the EU bureaucrats are actually correct? A 2" lift really shouldn't be making it drive all that differently on the road. Suspect there is a lot more going on here...
  15. Personally wouldn't mind plastic panels. They worked well on my Smart cars.
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