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RH and LH Corner Posts

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Hello again everyone. My 98 300 tdi is a bit rusty - the rear corner posts are the worst. I have just bought 2 galvanised one and was going to start this next weekend. Are these easy to fit? Is it just a case of drilling out the old rivets to remove the old ones? What about the rear lights wrt the change - are they straight forward?

Any advice is again really appreciated...

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Hi Gents,

I'm planning on replacing one of the rear corner flashings on my Defender 90 as its rusted and looks cr*p.

I'm thinking of going for a galvanised one. I've got the correct paint from the garage.

Does anyone have any good tips on the best way to do it.

Here are few questions that you may be able to answer for me:

What size and type of rivets do I need?

Whats the best primer to use?

Should I prime the inner face of the capping?

Does it need any sealant on it?

Cheers, Matt.

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