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2004 TD5 Clutch Change


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Hi all,

The clutch has started to show signs of juddering when cold and I guess it's on a slippery slope now and will need replacing shortly. I'm hoping it'll last a bit longer (whilst Steph is still "learning") but want to be prepared.


1) Is it a job I can do myself? Never changed a clutch before. Can it be done on the drive and what surprises might I find?

2) This clutch has lasted well (127k miles - and still going) but most of it's early life was spent in 5th gear on the motorway. Would it be worth fitting a heavy duty clutch whilst I'm at it? Is there any benefit/downside?

3) The transfer box has a slight weep from the idle shaft seal. I was going to leave it, but would it be worth letting a garage do this and the clutch together, or are they two seperate jobs?

Hopefully it'll last a bit longer yet but I can get the parts ready etc.

Cheers, Martin.

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1) Yes in theory but easier said than done in practice :) I have seen two blokes lift and fit a gearbox and transfer box to a vehicle sitting on its wheels on a flat concrete floor without a crane to support it but you really need to know what you are doing - oh and it weighs 100 odd kilos maybe more so if you don't have the knack of getting it in place and lined up very quickly you will soon want to put it down again :) as it was I think it was the quickest gearbox fitting I've ever seen, one disappeared under each side there was a hnnnng f*** grunt grunt left a bit PUSH nnnng f*** - left a bit more <clunk> and it was in but anybody who has ever fitted one will know that took a lot of experience :)

2) I don't know of a HD clutch for a Td5

3) Unless you really know what you are doing I think I would suggest entrusting it to a garage as you need to take the gearbox out and it is much easier to do with a ramp and a transmission jack.

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2) I don't know of a HD clutch for a Td5

I have heard talk about a HD clutch used in 130 TD5s, but can't find a part number (not checked Microcat yet).

Changing a clutch might be relatively straight forward, but it sure helps if you have the proper equipment (4post lift and tranmission jack) and somebody who knows what he's doing to help you. Done my first one a couple of weeks ago, not without some hard language, will do another one this weekend and expect it to go a lot easier. ;)

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Thanks guys. Sounds like most of the jobs I do then - easy enough if you have the right equipment, and I usually don't! I'll ask at the next club meeting if anyone has the facilities to do it. If so I'll be able to give a hand and learn myself.

Thanks again, Martin.

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