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Looks like I'm going to replace both props on the '93 Classic (BW transfer):


1) I am assuming that the new ones will be balanced and I can just "fit and forget"? I know that it's best to mark the existing ones relative to diff flange if I was just replacing the UJs but obviously this is not applicable if new ones are being fitted. Any pointers appreciated.

2) Should I go for GKN or "pattern" ones from Paddock/LRSeries/LandRoverPartshop.com?

3) What are the bolt and nut sizes? I seem to remember they are not metric...?

Cheers for any help


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  1. Props will be balanced. No need to mark the diff / output flange - you only need to make sure the two ends of the prop stay in the same relative orientation if you take the prop apart.
  2. Make sure you get GKN or Hardy Spicer UJ's in the prop. I stand to be corrected, but I don't think the tubes are that important. Whatever you get, you must ensure the UJ's have grease nipples.
  3. You are correct they are an odd size that escapes me at the moment, but I am sure Uncle Ralph will be along shortly. Failing that, a quick search for "prop shaft bolts" should sort you out. ;)

Also, with BW Range Rovers, some had the solid (narrow shaft) front prop to clear the cat. Make sure you specify what you have when you order. :)

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Nut and bolt sets are widely available.

Do NOT go for pattern parts. The splines are not as long as they should be and wear rapidly. I know of a pattern propshaft lasting only 12 months.

You would probably be better off fitting new GKN/Spicer UJ's to your existing shafts and sending them off to be balanced at the propshaft clinic or similar...

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