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OT: Spares for distiller


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We've got a water distiller at work made by a company called Manesty Machines Ltd which now appears to no longer exist or at least not to make stills any more. I need to source some new elements for this - they are a consumable item and go pop semi regularly - hardly surprising as they are sitting in boiling water during their working life and it is basically a glorified kettle element.

I have found one supplier on tinterweb but they are F expensive (wrong side of 60 quid each and I need to order half a dozen) however I figure they are probably a generic item and may be available elsewhere at a better price - so wondered if anybody on here had any ideas please? :unsure:

They are 1.5KW elements with a 3 pin kettle type connector on them, and fit into a 40mm hole in the still with sealing washers inside and out and with a 3 pin kettle connector on the back.

Land Rover relevance - well it makes distilled water for Land Rover batteries of course ;)

Ta :)

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It's likely to be 1" 9/16th if its the traditional 10A round 3 pin kettle element type thingy bob.

Backer Elements

Ta, it looks a lot like the middle one on that site.

I'm not really sure if they are the same as a kettle element or a special heavy duty design inside because of the continuous use they are under.

Steve yes I had a part number and Google showed up the one possible supplier for £62 each and one site in Iran which was mostly written in Al Qaeda :unsure:

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