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XGB100310L plug/harness


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I want to fit XGB100310L side repeaters to an elderly 90".

This part is aparently standard on Freelander, Disco2 and very recent Defenders.

I'm looking for a part number for the 2-pin plug that has to be used to connect to it.

Also an exact to-scale drawing of the cutout I need to make in the wing would be most helpfull as well.

The repeater has "Hella" embossed in the plastic lens, so I suppose a non-landrover partname and partnumber must exist as well.

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Given the price - I hope you are mistaken ;-)

I took a side repeater to the local car parts shop and asked for a suitable plug. He looked at it and said "we do not stock Skoda parts" :-(

I have typed all numbers on the plastic into the search engine on Hella.de without finding anything.

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I'm pretty certain that Simtek stock a connector for the late side repeaters, I was browsing their web site a couple of weeks ago for another odd ball connector and spotted them. Can't seem to get onto their site at the moment but it's normally http://www.simtekuk.co.uk/

When I fitted mine I decided to go the whole hog and bought the TD5 wing harnesses and grafted the connectors off an old TD5 bulkhead loom onto my loom. The advantage of going this way is that you get all the connectors in a single loom without the damn silly bullet connectors and when you have to take the wings off you don't have to disconnect all the wiring, just the one connector at the bulkhead.

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I have a feeling they use Superseal Connectors. They are available here.

I think this is what I used when grafting 300 tdi bumper lights into my 200 loom...

No they're a real odd ball U shaped thing using "standard" connectors would be way too easy for LR !

Simtek site is up again, I think it's this one...


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I have made a rough sketch and two crummy pictures.

There are approx. 4 mm between centers of the two pins.

Some of the plugs you have linked to look close, but none gets the details quite right.

The tabs on the underside on the drawing are two "guide ridges" with a triangular locking tab in between.




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