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Clunk rear diff (not the normal one)

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Goodday all

Since I could remember, there is a clunk when you pull away 1sr reverse. I am very used to that, and believe this is quite normal in Defenders. The play in the drive train between engine braking and pulling is becoming more, and I am considering replacing the drive members in 2000km's time.

Lately however, there is a very specific clunk coming from the rear somewhere. I believe it comes from below the vehicle. It happens(not always) when I break firmly, go around a corner at normal speed, and trough a dip/gully wheel by wheel. Not loud/intrusive, but very distinctive

Any suggestions?


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Anything that moved under the back, so A-frame ball joint as above or rear diff, rear axle drive members, or bushes in the various axle linkage.

A big tyre iron or pry bar and 30 mins under the back should tell you if it's anything bush-related or the ball-joint, as there will be excessive play in the joint(s) at fault.

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