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auto or manaul


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Through my line of work i'm getting more and more fammiliar with the td5 engined discoveries and im quite fancying one myself as my daily drive.

Im torn between an auto and a manual and im asking for your opinions on both.

In my experience there are pros and cons for both



Cheaper replacement parts

no expensive ECu to go wrong

uses less fuel

no oil cooler pipes and cooler to maintain / replace

quicker accelleration

No expensive torque convertor to replace

can bump start if required.


More involved drive

more prone to abuse by previous owners through rough gear changing etc

clutch wear / replacement.

Auto box


Lazy driving style


lots of expensive bits to go wrong/replace

needs additional cooling / pipework

cant bump start if required

What would you go for given a choice?



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I once bought a parkers review some time ago that put me off Disco's and onto Shoguns! ;)


Manual Gearbox Life Expectancy: 60000miles

Auto: 120000miles

...and the associated smoother operation for the rest of the transmission from the auto.

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