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Advice needed on Battery


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Hi all

My main battery has been on its way out since I got it, and I have been using the deep-cycle one to help start the engine in the morning. Came back home from a trip over Easter to find the battery has died. Unfortunately I left the aux switch on, and the deep-cycle is also flat.

I'm thinking I should just replace the main battery now.

What battery should I replace the main one with? Can I replace it with another deep-cycle or is that not recommended?

Any advice is most welcome, thanks :)

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Most deep cycle batteries do not work well when used to start an engine, there are some on the market (the ones X-Eng sell for example) that can be used for both applications...

I'd stick with a heavy duty engine start battery, and have a look to see if you have any problems with current drain when the vehicle is standing.

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only reason you should remove the negative first is so you don't risk shorting out the battery if you touch the bodywork with the spanner while removing the positive terminal..

As long as you are carefull it doesn't actually make any difference...

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