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CV-joints different quality?

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I am about to buy a new set of CV joints for my '94 Defender 300Tdi.

The CV joints available from the usual online suppliers differ greatly in price.

The difference is of course greatest between original and pattern parts, but even the different pattern parts vary a great deal in price (ie. Paddock 26£- FamousFour 35£).

The parts looks more or less identical, so I am tempted to buy the cheapest possible.

- The question is... is the extra cash, if I buy the slightly more expensive part well spend?


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The cheaper ones are fine as if they break they snap the shaft section off rather than detonate the Bell section

(In my experience)

but since Ashcroft ones have been fitted I worry not.

:-) just bought a complete set of main (r380) and transferbox fra ashcroft, but found their cv-joints a biiiit pricy... :-)

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