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Tdi surging

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Hi folks!

My 300 Tdi engine surges when driving at a steady speed with minimum throttle opening to maintain that speed, and this occurs between 1600 and 1800 rpm. I pulled the old injectors and no.4 was a soggy mess compared to the others, so I replaced all four with new Bosch injectors. The problem briefly disappeared (a hundred miles or so), but is now worse than before. The lift pump and filter have also been replaced. Any ideas, please, plefore I replace the injection pump at great expense?

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are you running any svo? mine tends to hunt a bit especially on light throttle on overun, shows up the slack in the transmission, A good run with dino only and it stops, back on svo and it starts again. But now I'm running 50% svo with 10% unleaded and 50% dino, its not really so much of a problem. (yes I know it = 110% but its not an exact science)

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Thanks for the reply.

The fuel cap is vented and is clear, but it's something I hadn't thought to check until you mentioned it.

The engine idles at the correct speed and isn't smoking at all, but fuel consumption seems to be up and the engine vibrates a little more than it used to at all rpm.

The surging first became apparent when I tried running on a blend of diesel and SVO. I immediately diluted the mix with diesel and have never tried it again on this engine. After getting rid of the SVO mix, the surging became very small, but has become much worse over recent months. I suspect it's the injection pump, but don't want to shell out that much until I'm more certain.

The air filter is clean, the fuel filter has been replaced and the tappets are good. The timing belt was replaced around 10,000 miles ago and the timing was set very accurately. Any other ideas before I spend a small fortune on the pump?

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