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Vacuum advance securing screw


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OK, as the titles suggest, I broke something.

I was reading another thread on optimizing a V8, and was reading an issue regarding the vacuum advance, causing some problems, so I followed the 'suck' test and got a gob full of air, I removed the flash shield and saw no movement either, so..I removed the vacuum advance thingymajig. The front screw was loose, and the rearward screw a PITA, but I got it off, cleaned all around the mating face, and retested, and sure enugh, no pressure, so bit needs replacing...all good (any sgestions on where to get a new one?..other then paddocks)

Anyway, as I was reassembling everything, I overtightened the rear screw, which promptly snapped the threaded collar in the distributor casing, now, this bit is replaceable as far as I can tell, however, what kind of place would sell this, if at all, or can I resecure it with a suitibly sized nut and bolt?



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I'd be tempted to get a secondhand dizzy from a scrapper and take off the vacuum bits you need.

Had to do similar on mine when the recon dizzy lost its vacuum. Fortunately RPI had made me take the old one away with me, so I had it handy.

There's a place near York that does s/h parts if nowhere nearer you - some do mail order.....

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thanks for the suggestion, but I'm very much of the opinion that a replacement from a scrapyard has the same life expectancy of the one I already have..and they are apparently notorious for failing...however...I didn't like the hefty price tag given it by landrover 74 bleeding quid!!! all I'll say is that the damn thing had better be gold plated when I buy it!

Anyone know what is meant by 2 or 3 pin? I was asked by landrover which mine was..i assume 2 pin as it has a 'pin' that the vaccum hose attached to, and another one that is blanked off.

The thread I was reading is this one http://forums.lr4x4.com/index.php?showtopic=39294

Is quite a good read, and certainly helped me out.


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Two or 3 pins refers to the pins on the Ignition Amplifier, normally clamped to the rear of the dizzy body although yours is probably near the coil.

That's correct, mine is mountd next to the coil, and when they initially mentioned the pins, I assumed they meant the amp anyway...oh well...stealers eh ^_^

Anywho...anymore suggestions on where I could locate a replacement, preferably new, ebay is a little slim on them atm, the only one I could find was £17 and I'm not sure it's the right kind.

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