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Help required from Standard 90 / Defender Owners

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Hi All,

This is a request from anyone here with a STANDARD suspensioned 90 or Defender, ie running FACTORY standard suspension

Having been playing with the 90s springing again, I have used non handed spring in the front, and

I would like to have some idea of the factory set up to compare, so could anyone here with a

standard genuine factory suspension set up grab a tape measure and post up the fopllowing

Measure 4 x around the 4x4 at the rear side on to the rear body, and measure from ground to say the centre of the capping

then use say the top bolt centre of the top hinge on the door hinge to the ground and then post up

  • Model :
  • Passenger side front Height
  • Passenger side rear Height
  • Driver side front Height
  • Drivers side rear Height

I would also be grateful for an indication of the gap in mm between top of axles and bump stop bottoms, I

think they will be simialr in all 4 locations, but this is secondary the corner heights is what I am really needing


Nige :)

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I took the opportunity before the rain comes -

300 90 hardtop utility 1996/97 unmolested factory standard.





85mm gap on bothsides of front axle,100mm gap on rear axle.

The bump gaps tricky to measure accurately,but correct +/- 2mm.

The road is not dead level - the slight camber tips the truck to the drivers side.

I measured to the centre of the capping as requested,rather than the top of it,which would have been easier.

From the body measurements and the camber of the road,I expected to see a 10mm difference in the bump gaps,but there was little or nothing discernable.

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If measuring from the ground, you'll also need to know what tyre/wheels are fitted and what psi they are running at ;)

from a post when I first got my 2005 90 TC...

The 'Standard' 90 from the factory comes with following springs (plus length and poundage)..

RH Rear NRC9448 Blue/Red 15.31" 225 lbs/inch

RH Front NRC9446 Blue/Green 15.19" 175 lbs/inch

LH Rear NRC9449 Yellow/White 14.80" 225 lbs/inch

LH Front NRC9447 Blue/Yellow 14.80" 175 lbs/inch

I measured it all before hand. I used centre of hub to wheel arch. It was cold and wet so I couldn't be arsed to measure better measurement of axle to bumpstop!

RH Rear 52.3cm

LH Rear 50.4cm

RH Front 52.3cm

LH Front 51cm

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Thanks, curious and interesting :lol:

I am trying to find out if as I think the drivers side front sits a bit

higher than say the passenger front, so that when "Mr Porky" gets

in with his lunch it then sits level..

Mine is a Factory V8, so the colours of the spring etc from Steve G is spot on

Fronts have 15.19 vs 14.8 = 0.39 / circa 10mm inch taller drivers side = and also

that then translates in to truck side hights to being also around 10mm higher in

real life :), then Jerichos posts shows Passenger side higher also at around +10mm up drivers side

not as much as I would have thought :) as thats good news and I'm close now

Maybe some other will post up to help and confirm, in the meantime I have now 150 Red & Yellows on the front

longer than std and softer and also same length, so I have already gained 1 x antiratlle shim, plus I spacer

roughly machined up to give me a near level 90, so I just maybe need a tad more

but until I get the new bumper / winch combo in whatever that ends up with I won't be able to fine tune

Even the front to back seems about right as I am around 3/4 inch higher now at the back

Thanks all so far


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here is mine for a 1989 90 no gearbox or transfer in at the moment





not overly accurate as i'm sure the drive isn't level, distance between the floor and hub centre is 385mm

and for the bump stops


missing got to get another :rolleyes:





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