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Range rover auto boxes


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The range rover LSE's where fitted with a stronger auto box than the standard 3.9 as I understand. How much stronger is the LSE auto box over the standard range rover/discovery 3.9 auto box?

Would the 3.9 auto box be stronger or weaker than a defender LT77?



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IIRC the LSE ran a HP24 which is a lot stronger than the HP22 in the 3.9 ,

As for it being stronger than an LT77 That I dont know but the only decent LT77`s were the last ones , suffix H

IIRC it wasn't quite a 'full fat' HP24 that was fitted to the LSE but it was quite a bit stronger than the standard HP22 fitted to all the other models. Well worth having.

Having never owned a vehicle fitted with an LT77 I'm not sure exactly how weak they are. However, the R380 gearbox in my old 90 (very early 300) lasted OK with a mildly tweaked 300tdi but munched itself very quickly when I fitted a 2.8tgv. The custom built, HP24 spec, auto box lasted much better, though. :)

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My 90 had a 4.2 auto with a its LSE auto box I have no completes at all, with 34" simex and lockers its could do figure of eight donuts with ease if you think a LT77 would take that punishment OK but I wouldn't trust one myself, that box was just as good the day I took it out as it was the day I fitted it three years earlier.

It was very good for hill climbs as well it was great for keep grip were manuals would always loose it but that due to the way an auto drives

If I have the time I would fit that combo to my 110 tomorrow as I prefer the way it behaves over my 4.6 hse believe it or not

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