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6.2v8 info

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I have a 6.2 v8 fitted to a defender 90 and was after some information.

It has a heavy duty santana gear box fitted (engine and gearbox fitted by samuri)

What i would like to know is, can the gearbox take the toque/power the engine pumps out, I often pull 3.5 tons and up any form of hill you can smell the gearbox over heating.

Is this common? or will it cause the box to break after a while?, I've been told the engine puts out about 350lbs of toque under full throttle where as the normal land rover is about 200lbs?

Thanks for your help


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Although the Santana is a heavy duty box, perhaps it could do with an oil cooler added on as you are obviously working it pretty hard before taking the engine's extra torque into account.

I know these are available for other LR gearboxes, hopefully someone can dig up some part numbers if there's one for the LT85.

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What are the options fro adding oil coolers to boxes without them fitted. I'm thinking of my defender LT77s. But can you fit them to gearboxes that didn't originally have them fitted like the LT85, LT77??

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I'm pretty sure there is an LR oil cooler setup for the LT77. You just need to source the parts, bolt them on an add a little extra oil.

Definitely agree with the synthetic oil idea. I know people who report much smoother gearchanges when using the oils that Difflock sell. I would expect temperatures to be lower too.

Sorry I can't give more specific details.

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