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200tdi Timing belt issues


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I've had some timing belt issues last 20.000 km. The don't last much longer then 5.000. This time I was at it just in time. The problem is the belt starts wandering towards the front (timing belt cover) en is then shredded. Now I'm looking for a way to modify this. It's for a 200TDI from a disco build in a defender.

I've searched and came up with this story: about lipped and non lipped crank pulleys and idler pulleys with lip. Does this also go for a 200TDI or just for the 300 TDI?

Thx for the input!

ERR4576 is the normal 300tdi front cover oil seal , these are cheap .

ERR7143 is the later modified cover oil seal , these are cheapest from lrdirect.com @ £6.91each including vat tax .

you can pick and mix the idlers and tensioners etc , i have done this on my 300tdi .

what you need is a new lipped crank gear , one which is solid machined and not with spot welded washers on it .

you can use the old style lipped tensioner if you wish to .

ERR1092 is cam belt part number , fits all

ERR1972 is early lipped tensioner to VA vin

LHP100860 later non lipped tensioner from VA vin

LHH100660 lipped crank pulley , fits all .

ETC 8560 early idler to VA vin .

LHV100150 late idler from VA vin

i have an MA vin number and still have the standard front timing covers .

i have modified mine with these parts , which are a mix of earlier and later parts .

i did have belt walking issues when i first bought the landrover but have now sorted that out by fitting these parts .

ETC8560 early lipped idler

LHH100660 lipped crank pulley.

ERR1972 early tensioner

ERR1092 timing belt

ERR4576 front cover oil seal .

ERR7293 front cover gasket

in the timing kits you buy they use non lipped idlers and a lipped crank pulley , i am using a lipped idler and lipped crank pulley to decrease any run out of the belt .

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don't get confused with the 200Tdi & 300Tdi.AFAIK there are no issues with 200tdi timing belts.

my 200 has never shredded or snapped a belt in 15 years from new, all the belts I've replaced look like new, I change them at 55,000 mile intervals.

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As Western says, there are no cambelt issues with 200 tdi engines. You obviously have a specific alignment problem that needs investigation. Find the cause, don't just try and deal with the effects.

Are all the belt pulleys in line, correctly fitted, running true?

Tensioner/idler bearings ok, tensioner not bent on its mounting plate?

No excessive end float on the crank or cam shafts?

Is the nose of the crank true and undamaged, the lower belt pulley a tight fit on the crank and the woodruff keys unworn?

If this has only been a problem for the last 20,000km was there any other work done or problems that coincide with this starting?

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