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  1. Keep the 110... Get rid of the wife!
  2. I went, and very good it was too, chatting to lots of very interesting people. Still more a gathering than a show.
  3. Mo, I have a brand new EFI filter here (assuming I can find it) that you can have for free. I'll have a look tomorrow and pm you if you're interested.
  4. Do this, but once everything is clean and dried, give it a good dusting in talcum powder before bolting it up. When you drop it apart again the source of the oil should be easy to track in the powder.
  5. We use Caltech, calteccalibration.co.uk for all our tools. The engineer turns up in a van and does everything from torque wrenches to tyre gauges, takes him a good few hours. I have 3 Britool's and one Snap-on torque wrench, all over 30 years old, none have ever had more than very minimal correction and they're used every day. Tbh it's not worth the cost unless you use it daily in a professional capacity.
  6. You can get spacers to move the head unit further out. I think Mud uk used to do them. Just google "single din spacer".
  7. The old MOT cert' is not invalidated, nothing has changed. The press keep getting this wrong. Having an MOT cert' does not exempt you from prosecution for a defect, it never has. If you drive after a failure, or at any time with a defect and you still have valid MOT, the offence is related to the defect and that alone. Drive with a defect or not, with an expired MOT and the offence is no valid MOT plus whatever if any defect. They are two separate offences.
  8. Indeed, most things are possible, it's the cost factor. Good lad is Barry, your other head's in good hands.
  9. It doesn't look good. Get it over to T&L Engineering in Elstow (01234 352 418) they can test and possibly repair. It's who we use for machining work, highly recommended.
  10. Is there enough room in the plastic end cap to just use a spacer to take up the distance between the hub and circlip? IIRC the Britpart halfshafts aren't bad. wouldn't trust that one though, once there's a twist, it ain't getting any better.
  11. The windscreen aerials are rubbish, when I first fitted mine it was fine until I got down the road and the signal kept dropping out. I think it's due to the Defender screen being near vertical. Don't waste time trying, it'll never get any better. i replaced it with a stubby mag' mount one, stuck to the roof rack, £15 delivered from ebay, comes with 3mtrs of coax. Used the same type on the car and reception is perfect. And yes, Planet rock cranked up loud, drowns out a tdi
  12. Drain the oil and examine for "party glitter". Also check prop uj's. The only way to properly do this is by dropping the props' and fully articulating the joints.
  13. Easy to test if it's holding pressure in the slave. Pump the pedal a few times and release, then open the bleed nipple on the slave. If there's any retained pressure the fluid will spurt out.
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