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  1. Carloz is right, as long as it is before 1998 it is almost without restrictions although I think if you would put an LS engine in a a 2CV that would raise some questions
  2. Awesome thread and a lot of info. I am currently trying to squeeze in a M111 Mercedes petrol engine in my series 150Hp & 220Nm (not so impressive number with regards to a diesel but enough for my series with an LT77). The reason why I am replying is it uses the same bell housing patter as the OM603 and derivates. I already have an adapter plate to a LT77, so if anyone needs one I could try and let it copy in auto cad so you can have it fabbed up locally. Cheers, Bowy
  3. Lucky that I am going for a petrol then, no injection pumps to go wrong
  4. It is actually from a 220E. But seems to be the same engine basis. What was wrong with the SsangYoung musso ones?
  5. Just stumbled across a Mercedes engine nearby. It is not the 102 but the later M111. 150HP and 220nm at a bargain price that is delivers more HP per EURO than any LR engine I've ever bought;) . Now I can start with the conversion as I have also sourced the conversion plate. Thank you all for looking and thinking!
  6. Useful tip Soren, luckily the B20 and B23 share the same bell housing so if I can find the adapter. Do you know where to source such a part? I am planning connecting it to a LT77 but should be the same result.
  7. So the Volvo engine is definitely a good one quality wise and power wise. Only the adapter might be a small issue. Any opinions on the Mercedes one?
  8. I am working on finding an alternative for my underpowered 2.5 petrol engine in my series. I am considering 3 conversion options and am wondering if anyone has ideas or experience with one of these 3 options? All three are injection and about 135 to 140 hp with approx 190nm and are 4 cyl ( I can not legally fit a 6 or 8 cyl). In the Netherlands they are readily available. All three are relatively easy on LPG which is also important for me. They all have the exhaust on the propshaft side but this should be manageable. Mercedes M102 2.3 petrol injection (normally sits in 190E or 230E)
  9. Dirtyninety, good to hear you will be there again! We will also be there this edition as firewood marshal
  10. Hi Si, Thank you for the extra information. Sounds like a good show then. But unfortunately I won't be able to attend, my codriver his girlfriend has decided he can not be away for the fith weekend in a row Probably see you at the next show! Might even visit the Skipton 4x4 and spares day. Cheers, Bowy
  11. haha thank you for the kind words, but if and that's still a big if I will be visiting, I think I might do a lighting visit with the daily runabout Billing and maybe even KOV will be in the 127!
  12. Any update on a possible autojumble, need to start booking the ferry And Simon, not that Old
  13. Will there be any kind of autojumble for second hand parts, tempting to maybe visit my first ever indoor show in the UK. Only a 1200 mile round trip, but always cool to score some bargains and meet up with some old friends!
  14. Mated to my 5.7 I have an Allisport uprated V8 radiator, with 2 16 inch spal fans, and it now runs substantially cooler then before with a standard radiator. So another vote for upgrading.
  15. Thx for the input, Already what I was thinking Welding on a different set of brackets is an option, but quite a lot of work when the axle is under te car. So probably will try to sell these and try to find a different set and take my losses. Cheers Bowy
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