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To fabricate, or not to fabricate...


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I'm having a dilemma about the dashboard for the d-lander, currently she doesnt have one, however i do have a freelander 1 dash for her, which has been fitted and removed many times.

The issues i have are, its not a great fit, the air vents are unusable, its got its missing where the airbags were etc and probable needs a lot of work to make it acceptable, and to top it off the one thing i really hated about the freelander was its dash....i like the outside, it even drives ok but the 25gazillion textures and materials they used to bodge the interior was a major mess.

So, i was thinking about fabricating a new dash from scratch in aluminium, designed with switches where i want them, dials where i can see them etc.

Am i crazy - has anyone else done a similar thing and is there any advice you can share?

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I'm just concerned about it fitting properly and looking decent and not bodged, the rest of the car is nicely finished and this would be the last major bit.

On the flip side i have spent most of the day modelling the inside in solidworks so i can design it!

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I intend on making a card mockup of at least a bit of it to see how she looks post 3D CAD designing. She will be water cut locally, im going to try and avoid needing welding done as its a fair trek to Jez these days!

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If you do want to get it welded by Jez, then I guess if you arrange with him we could relay it via me. I guess the complete unit would fit in the pickup........not sure about the Audi tho' :)

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