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Hydraulic press


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Im thinking of getting a hydraulic press. What would you recomend in terms of make and size. I only need one for pressing out bearings and bushes. I would prefer a floor standing press, as my bench space is limited. Are the cheap ones on ebay any good? Would a pressure guage be good to have or not really needed?

Thanks all advice appreciated.


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Well, 50 views and no replies, so I'll take a punt...

IMHO a press is one of those things where a cheapo make gets the job done ok (to be honest, 'nice' ones are way out of most people's budgets, so thats the only option).

Go for a 20 tonne, although many people will tell you a 10 tonne has done everything they need. Depends how rich you are feeling. Bench vs floor - personal preference (floor is more flexible). Pressure gauge will give you and indication of whats going on, but isn't essential.

As ever, get the biggest you can afford and fit into your space.

Cheapo is fine, the only drawback is that the pressing plates that come with them MIGHT be junk. I think some have cast carp plates which can crack / rupture in use. Best to find someone with a decent plasma or a band saw and get some new ones cut from plate, or machined up. I've heard some nasty stories of the cheap ones giving way. Note, these are the little separate plates which are used on the press table to support the item you are pressing.

Hope it helps a bit. Do a search on here, I think there are a couple of old threads on it.


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Its can be a lot more effort to use and they come very heavy, but you can get a lot of Fly press for your money second hand. Most of them were made long before 'monkey metal' and 'cheap' were concived so last well. We have one at home on a stand and its worked very well for many years. Its fairly large and I've even used it to straightened 50x30 cultivator tines. That took some effort, but the exercise is good.

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floor standing or bench standing ones dont make much diffrence IMHO,

get one with a pressure gauge i like to know how much im putting on the componant,

always go for some quality plates as you dont want them giving up the ghost under 8 Tones and things flying across the workshop. :o:o

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Just bought a YK10B bench mounted press by sealey. Purchased from Express tools, £190 inc vat + delivery & 650w angle grinder thrown in free. Direct from sealey in 2 days. Really pleased with it. In agreement that the ideal tool would be the 20ton version but at twice the price.

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