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Stolen blue 110 hard top


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Another one. My son's 110 was stolen last night from Tockwith, N Yorks. If anyone sees it on the road, let the police know asp please. It is a 1985 blue 110, with a T max 1200 winch on the front, painted yelllow so very distinctive. It has Land rover stickers on the doors, and gigglepin stickers on the flanks. There is also a dent in the roof on the rear left, and the front left wing has a recent dent (Eastnor Castle advanced course last week).

In the back on the right there is a wooden cupboard, with a sink and a cooker. The rear left wheelbox has a T max hi lift on it. It has black mach 5 wheels with 285/75/16 BFG muds, and a difflock in the rear axle.

Reg no D885 MCS.

This truck has been in the family for years. It was mine, now my son's. He virtually grew up in it. Words cannot say how much this means to him.

So if anyone knows or hears or sees anything of it, please let us know or call the feds.


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Bad news! Hope you manage to recover it and hopefully undamaged.

This is from our area so we'll certainly keep an eye out and also pass on to Yorkshire Off Road Club members.

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Thanks Pam. Apparently there are a lot of pikeys in the area, some horse event going on. I think it is fair to assume it is probably in bits now. It was only left unattended for an hour, so they had probably been waiting. Small village, everyone knows whose truck it is. Everyone knows it by its name even.

No morals at all these people. If I met them, I would use the hi-lift as a suppository for them. Base first.

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hope you get it back safe and sound , im always on ebay after parts keep your eyes on there i do the same ....one thing though i thought a D reg was 1987... good luck.

Yes, you are right. Schoolboy error. It was a late 86, not 85. Still, "was" is probably the operative term now.

The sad thing is that indirectly, this costs every one of use, as it affects our insurance costs. This is a crime not just against my son, but against all Land Rover owners.

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