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Poly-v pulley supplier?


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I am trying to find a poly-v pulley to mount on a 20mm parallel keyed shaft.

Ive done a google,and phoned a few local companies,but so far no luck;plenty of v-belt pulley suppliers,but not so many poly-v.

Pulley type required - PK7 at around 150mm diameter.That is the same profile as the pulleys on a 300tdi.

The common way to mount pulleys to a keyed shaft appears to be taper-lock bushes,so what I need is -

a 150mm PK7 taper-lock pulley.

Any suggestions?

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Still no luck after phoning several more suppliers.

It seams that k section belts are for automotive applications rather that industrial,so the likelyhood of finding one to suit is small.

Looks like I will have to make one myself by turning down a taperlock pulley,and cutting the centre out of one of the 300tdi pulleys.

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