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Chassis rot - MOT failure?

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Its coming up to MOT time and I have some stuff to do on the 110 as usual. There are some parts of the chassis that got advisories on the last MOT which I would like your opinions on please:

Near side body outrigger corroded/weak:


Off side body outrigger corroded/weak:


Hole in chassis rail by fuel tank:




So what I'd like to know is whether or not these are just advisories or whether they are fails.

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Would definitely say its time for you to learn to weld :o or

Find a friend who can for a few beer tokens :lol: or

Pay a fortune in a commercial garage etc :angry:

Clean it all up and yes hit it with a hammer around the chassis find out how much actually needs replacing.

The outriggers are about £12 each and simple to do.

But if you intend keeping LRs then buy a good MIG and learn to weld, you will need it it the future, i hate to think what repairs would have cost me over the years if i had to pay a welder for every time i wanted something fixing. If you do get a MIG their are some good articles on the forum about them, all i would say is stay away from the gasless MIGs.



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Bottom 3 pictures are a definite fail, 'cos they are holes. Heavy rust that significantly weakens the metal, but do not perforate it are still a fail, but generally are just an advisory. Jab at the metal with a blunt screwdriver to see if it goes through or easily deforms.

To get it through the MOT -

1st pic - You can seam weld a flat plate right along the bottom of the outrigger - repairing it is very difficult. Alternatively - replace the outrigger.

2nd pic - Pretty much the same thing, but make sure the body support is in good condition.

3rd/4th pic - ARB brackets, which you don't use, so cut them off and then weld a plate to continue the bottom of the chassis - it's far easier than trying to do a decent repair in that pokey little hole.


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I've cut off the antiroll bar bracket and plated the chassis so the hole is fixed but now I need to replace the body outriggers. Can you buy replacement brackets that bolt to the top of the outriggers? The ones I have look pretty rusty and the replacement outriggers I bought don't have the brackets. I've looked on the sites I normally use for parts but can't find any.

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