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clunk when taking up drive


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Hello guys, my disco, 300tdi keeps making a clunking sound when I change gear and depress the accelerator, have had it into the garage recently and they changed the rear joint on the prop shaft, I did not take it in for this problem,but the picked up on it anyway and asked if Iwanted it doing, does this now mean that the front joint needs doing too? How come they did not pick up on both joints and only did the rear? any ideas?

Big big thanks

Roo : :huh:

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Clonks are usually worn propshaft UJ's or the A frame ball joint but then any bush or mounting will make a noise if worn. Why the garage didn't pick up on it I don't know, but with Land Rovers you put it away one day and the next day there's a problem ... that's the fun. :rolleyes:

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