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Plastic type Mantec snorkel on a TD5 90/110

Les Henson

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The new plastic type Mantec snorkel Doesn't come with any fitting instructions other than a few pictures, which are not very helpful in fitting the thing (I had to phone Devon 4x4 for some help - thanks guys)

The list of required tools is wrong as well.

At the end of this thread there's another set of pictures to show/explain what I think is a weak spot in the mounting point on the wing air intake.

Remove the plastic vent from the drivers side of the vehicle - it'll just lever off with a screwdriver or similar.



Attach the main tube support with the 3 x M4 socket head screws (4mm allen key)


Attach the metal retaining ring to the bottom of the snorkel with the 5 x 3mm socket head screws (3mm allen key)


Peel off the backing of the foam seal, carefully place it in position on top of the retaining ring, and press it in place.



Attach the top - 3 screws are easy to tighten, but the fourth is at an angle.



Place the snorkel in position and carefully mark the wing for the two retaining bolts.


Same with the upper mounting point.


Drill out the wing to accept the threaded inserts (8.5mm drill), and drill the windscreen for the two M6 bolts (5.5mm drill)


The windscreen frame bolts are described as 'self-tapping', but they are in reality just plain M6 x 10mm shouldered bolts, but they will cut a thread. Screw then in about halfway and leave them like that for now.


Apply a thin film of grease on the wing skin in the general area of the intake (to prevent the seal from deforming), then hook the bottom of the snorkel over the edge as shown.


Put the snorkel in position - guiding it onto the upper mounting bolts, then fit the two M6 phillips screws through the base and into the wing inserts. Once in place, tighten the upper M6 bolts. Plug the lower fixings.



Place the plastic nut caps over the upper bolts and the jobs a good-un :)

As mentioned at the start of this thread - you'll need more tools than listed (3 and 4 mm allen key, for instance, 5.5 and 8.5mm drill bits, but mostly just a basic tool kit will do the job.

The instructions consist of a page with some drawings on, so no great detail or text to accompany the pictures. I had to phone Devon 4x4 to speak to one of the fitters in order to figure it all out (thanks guys).

Something I noticed when doing this job that you ashould be aware of - and that's the wing-to-snorkel seal.

If you place the retaining ring in position over the vent hole, there's a large gap below, as shown in this picture.


The gap you can see at the bottom is 3mm, and the foam seal is also 3mm, so a very weak point at the bottom. If you were to clout the snorkel - it's possible that the two lower hooks could bend and weaken the seal - allowing water in with disastrous results. I get the impression that this is a cosmetic snorkel - rather than a functional one.


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Certainly doesn't look very well thought out, all the through-wing ones are a bit of a bodge and re-use the rubbish standard LR factory intake plumbing inside the wing but that looks to introduce an additional weakness. Fine on a Puma where the engine ECU will go fzzzt before you get close to hydraulicing it but as Chris said in his post I think it is a "high level air intake" rather than a genuine "snorkel".

Safari every time for me, I can clap something over the top of mine to cut off the air, the engine will stall and there is not a hiss from anywhere :)

You can see in my thread here the marks from water ingress on my old snorkel - which IIRC was a Rebel copy of the original Mantec.

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