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seat removal

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I'm thinking of removing the rear seats (second row) from our 110 CSW to give more space for gear, i've looked on the dvla/dsa site and they say it can be done as long as i let them know of the change in seat numbers, anyone got any idea if this will affect insurance, tax or anything else? and is it just a case of writing them a letter or do i need a garage report to say it's been done?


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Without wanting to hijack this thread, does anyone know if you're permitted to take people as passengers on the rear benches (standard side facing) without seatbelts?

If your benches are factory fitted and werent fitted with seatbelts then yes you can, if you have added thim in yourself and they arent on the V5 then I guess its a bit more tricky.

Generally if none are fitted then you dont need to use them, but if they are fitted then they must be working and used.

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Cheers bish, you're right, after research and talking to an MOT station, it seems that you only NEED a drivers seat and seatbelt for mot, you can remove the seats and belts but you have to let dvla know with a letter or (even better) a garage report.

the vehicle will be tested as is on the V5, so if on that it says 10 seats, thats what they'll look for.

as far as the rear bench seats, i believe that depends on year of manufacture, and wether the belts were fitted from the factory, if they weren't (and this will only be on older vehicles i think, like series 1/2) then you don't need them, if they were fitted at some point then you'll need them in.

you can check if they've been fitted or removed by looking for mounting point holes...

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