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I'm looking to buy a disklok for my defender but I don't have a measuring tape to hand, can someone confirm the size to get (small/large) for a standard wheel please?

On a side note, please PM me if your looking to sell one.



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Don't know about sizes but i got one last week after a bit of searching for a good price, Halfords wanted 85 quid the robbing gits! i got mine from a place on t'interweb called Saunderson Security, £58.67 with a free bag for it.

hope thats of use :)

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I confirm the large size fits my standard leather wheel. It lives behind the driver's seat and even there it has prevented theft so far!

Online prices are much less for small size. Mine was £85 but Halfrauds would have been £130.

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They're definitely worth it, a police friend told me they're the best thing to have as they're a nightmare to get off (if at all) and they're a huge visible deterrent,

company i got mine from have the large ones at 91.00 delivered...

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I've got a large one :ph34r: on my 110 and a medium one on my Discovery II.

I've tried the medium one on my 110 and it's too small.

My 110 is a 20 year old Hardtop, still with it's factory-fitted steering wheel.

I think that some of the late 90's Station Wagons had a slightly smaller steering wheel (the one with the padded centre).

To be on the safe-side, measure your steering wheel and refer to http://www.disklokuk.com/products.html

According to their size guide -

SMALL = 35cms - 39cms

MEDIUM = 39cms - 41.5cms

LARGE = 41.5cms - 44cms

If you buy direct from Disklok you get free carriage to UK addresses and a free storage bag to keep it in when it's not fitted.


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i've measured it and its exactly 41cm. So the Med should fit but its borderline. Its ashame there doesn't seem to be any local stockists as i'd like to try one out. I suppose i need to hunt for another LR owner in Asda or Tescos next time i'm there. ;)

Thanks All. Will post a photo of the wheel and let you know which one i get. This question seems to crop up a lot!

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