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Part Number request

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As part of the repair work on the Discovery 2 I had to remove the master cylinder, and I managed to snap the one way valve during the process.

Microcat doesn't have the part number listed - so wondering if someone knew it?

They are probably all the same, but it's 99 Discovery 2, ABS.

There are no part numbers on the actual valve, just marked made in Germany.

If you have part numbers for earlier servos post em up, because if they are cheap I'll get a few thrown in when I do the order from the UK next week.

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STC493 is a workable replacement it turns out, or at least that is what I used last week.

The section going into the servo fits, however the pipe connector is about the same size as the pipe, I used another bit of pipe which fit over both to join and butted them against each other.

Brakes have loads of stopping power again.

Still not the right part though, and I wonder if some of the others would work as well.

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