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V8 Distributor Spares


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My wonderful brother-in-law managed to play a bit too vigrously with my distributor breaking the little bit that sits on top of the shaft inside the rotor arm and one of the advance springs :angry::angry::angry: . Has anybody any idea where I can get some spares :( . I've trawled t'net and can only find a repair kit which doesn't have either bits in it and the 'distributor doctor' obviously doesn't think my plight warrants a response.

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If you strip and reassemble the dizzy the top of a BIC pen chopped off will suffice to hold the outer shaft down during normal operation as long as you remember to hold the reluctor ring down when you remove the rotor.Any similar size plastic tube will do the trick,yet to find anyone that will supply the actual replacement part,but I've repaired loads this way.

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