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alright just wondering wether anyone could give me some advice, i have recently bought a 90 and have already stripped it down for a rebuild but i am planing on tray backing her and im unsure on wots legal, i plan to shorten the chassis and also to cut the front fenders but at the same time i would like to keep her road legal.

as this is my first landy and i am only young im not sure on what the most important parts are to spend money on and repalce and what i can make myslef as i want to keep her road legal but awsome off road as i plan on doing some events, any information u can give me would help

cheers mike

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Have a look on the DSA or DVLA sites, they have a full section on what you can do, along with the 'points system' for modification.

it can be done but be prepared for much paperwork and a thorough inspection.

good luck with it though :)

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These chaps have covered the legal side, but I would recommend you take a step back before going ahead with any major mods etc. As you say it's your first Landy, I would be inclined to run it mainly standard (at least as far as the chassis is concerned) for at least a while, you'll be suprised how capable a standard vehicle is if you put some decent tyres on it. You don't need a traybacked vehicle with 42" Simex to have fun off road, and having a mostly standard vehicle will save a lot of hassle insuring it for the road, especially if you're young.

That said, it is of course up to you and if you want to then go ahead and build your dream car and enjoy it. Just don't think you have to rush into anything major in order to have a good time :)

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