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Looking for a small transfer box

Night Train

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I am working on a new project and playing around with some ideas.

I was wondering if there is a small permanent 4x4 transfer box that is common and easy to find. Something Suzuki sized is really as big as I want to go but must have a centre diff. Remote mounted is also good but don't mind if it has an attached gearbox.

Over to you knowledgable chaps.

Thank you.

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Not quite but I have an idea developing on the drawing board.

I am looking at the options around a simple two speed transaxle. If you place a motor next to the T box and then join the two with a simple enclosed chain or spur gear to achieve the desired ratio then you get two speeds and a diff lock. The ratios can then be changed if needed. The output flanges could be redrilled to fit CV joints on the drive shafts. It could go at the backend of a sand rail type vehicle without the length or overhang of the usual VW transaxle or in the front end of a fwd vehicle.

Also looking at the option of an inline epicyclic gear train straight onto the shaft end of a motor. That would produce a geared reduction motor that can connect straight onto an axle diff or prop shaft. If it is done right then the epicyclic gears could also provide a geared reverse. I was looking at the old Laycock type overdrives that went on MGBs and the like.

I'm sure someone could make a sideline of manufacturing something like this.

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err... i imagine the 2speed will be using the high and low of the transfer box? wont you need to double de-clutch and/or stop to change gear?

I guess the electric traction motor was so quiet you missed it. ;):D

With an electric drive the clutch could be dispensed with as most of the time it will only need the one gear. Generally somewhere between 6:1 and 8:1 as the motor to wheel ratio. It could then run at urban speeds on low range and, when required, be shifted to high range if there are motorways. The motor would be quite happy in either gear moving off from stationary.

Anyway it is a drawing board idea to get around the adaptation of conventional 5 speed transverse gearboxes where only third and forth are of any use. First gear can even lead to motor damage due to overspeeding due to lack of load.

I was thinking of something like a sand rail where the locking diff in the transfer box would then be an added benefit for a bit of off road play.

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