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TD5 Cylinder Head Cracked


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Hi all,

The cylinder head has cracked on my Disco, around No.3 injector.

Has anyone got a new one kicking around that they want rid of?

Seriously though, seems at the moment £1000+VAT is the cheapest. I don't want to risk a used head, because even they are fetching £500-£600 with no guarantees.

Just throwing the net out in hope. I don't have a job now, and the Landy is dead :(

It's not just the head, it's the valves, springs, gaskets, bolts etc. All adds up to a hefty parts bill.

I can't rush into anything at the moment, if I could raise that sort of money it would be for the rent. So...options?

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Are you losing coolant? If so, then ceramic motor seal might fix it. Otherwise, I have heard that they can be welded. A bit specialist though, but it may not be anywhere near as expensive as a new head and fitting kit. I spoke to Frida Turner last week about TD5 Heads, and they are expensive. They sell better than original heads, but money is the problem. Best I can suggest I'm afraid.


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Hi Les, it's diesel getting into the sump unfortunately (not the o-rings either, there is a crack).

I have priced up a repair but that's still not that cheap (£500ish), not cheap enough to risk anyway.

These things never happen at a good time, but really couldn't have happened at a worse time for me.

I have had a quote I'm happy with, doubt I'll get cheaper for a new head, so hopefully it won't be long before I can afford to give them the go ahead.

Cheers, Martin

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New head - modified and strengthened design (how LR should have done it the first time!).

I really didn't see the point in welding the head at No.3 when they are prone to cracking around No.2. No one would weld it and then guarantee the rest of the head which knowing my luck would have cracked elsewhere within a month <_<

Hopefully that's that, just need to sort the clutch out now :ph34r:

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Was if from Turners in the end?

How did the crack manifest itself - what symptoms were there? Did you try anything else before pulling the head?

Might be useful info for someone in the future.....

I got it from Bridge Cylinder Heads in Manchester in the end http://www.cylinderheads.co.uk/index.php/site/bch/bch_catalogue/

The garage had used them last month and were happy with the service. It came fully built up, ready to fit, for £945+VAT

I don't know how the crack manifested itself (apart from inherent design flaws). It was across No.3 injector port. I thought the truck felt quite sluggish on the way home. It was due for an oil change so I thought I'd do it before the weekend...good job I did, found the sump full of diesel!

No other warnings, no odd noises, no oil warning light (not even a delay in it going out), no increase in engine temperature, no smoke, started perfectly, nothing. If I hadn't drained the oil then I would have been heading 200m to Stafford a few days later and reckon I'd have killed the engine... :o

Garage changed the injector seals, but it was whislt doing this the crack was found. I drove it home and back to the garage just to confirm there was still a problem (20 miles) and the sump had nearly 1 litre of diesel in it over just that short trip, so the seals had done nothing.

I can't believe how lucky I am that I caught it between trips...it could have been even worse! I am also worried that it filled the sump so quickly and there were no signs - not sure how you can protect yourself against that without checking the oil level every 100miles :blink:

Not much help to anyone really, sorry.

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