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Blingy Electrical upgrades

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My 2001 (51 plate) 90 CSW didn't have them so I had to go down that route myself.

I managed to find a couple of decent length convoluted rubber "tubes" from the rear doors of a biggish Rover (I think?) from the local scrappy to run the wires down into each door.

I made up an interface to drive the lock motors with a pulse initiated by the 12v supply to the alarm volume sensor, this is switched on only when the alarm is set.

I hope this helps.


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if it didn't come with it. it doesn't have the loom.

please do yourself a favour and change the window regulator to the original powered window ones. they are a lot faster than the bolt on ones and the bolt on ones force the door card out and hence closing the door is a little harder.

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