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Light Weight possible purchase


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I was wondering if you could tell me if I was on to a good thing or not. I have been offered a Light Weight III, brand new no milage on it, she has been in storage since she was made. I am being offered this for US$12,000 including shipping and duty. She has a deisel engine and a softtop, and what ever else comes with her. So, is this a good thing? or are they after too much $ ?.

Appreciate any any feedback. Also I was wondering if anyone can tell me what sort of milage these get on the highway and in city? I am guessing pretty good since they weight almost nothing, and I have heard they move along very well with the engine and body weight ratio.



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I saw your post over in the Members Motors section, and saw you had posted the question here as well.

Assuming it's the 2.25 Diesel (it should be if it is factory spec), expect between 27 and 35 miles to the gallon. An overdrive would be of great benefit if you got one fitted - makes 50mph far more comfortable and allows one to travel at 60mph if they want without revving the engine.

Where is this Lightweight located at the moment? I don't think the UK ever used Diesel powered Lightweight? I do know some foreign countries did run them with diesel engines though. Maybe it's an export model?

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If it's diesel, it'll almost certainly be a Dutch lightweight (quite a few minor alterations), UK spec ones were all petrol, either that or it's been converted to diesel of course, but shouldn't be by what you say...

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Easy way to tell if it is a Dutch one btw, this one is Dutch:


Notice the indicators on top of the wings, and smaller sidelights.

'UK' spec lightweight:


There are lots of other differences, but that's the easy way to spot them :)

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