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Insurance total loss

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Evenin' all.

If a listing on the bay says this......

"This vehicle has come direct to us from a major insurance company as an accident damaged insurance total loss, as such the vehicle may require a vic test carried out at a local vosa testing station ,this is a 20 min test to verify the vehicle identity against dvla records.

The vehicle has sustained very minor damage to the drivers side front corner. There is a dent in the tip of the drivers wing and on the corner of the bonnet.

We have a v5/2 log book, full book pack including service book, and 12 months mot. We can tax the vehicle at the buyers expense should it be required."

What exactly does this mean? Could it ever be usable or insurable? I have no knowledge of such things. :huh:



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It basically means its been "written off". Ie its been crashed, and the owner has been paid out for the vehicle, because its either uneconomical to repair, or unsafe to repair.

You need to find out which category its been declared to answer your questions.

If its a Category D, its just a case of MOTing it and off you go.

If its Category C, you will need a VIC test to check the vehicles ID, and an MOT, then your good to go.

If its Category B or A, it cant ever be put back on the road.

The damage you describe really should be D or C, however some insurance companies are overzealous with their categories, especially with older vehicles, so you may find it sat on a B, which means spares only.

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whats the vehicle? if it's a disco for example then the front panel,inner wing etc etc can be damaged.

so it will be a cat d or c. not allowed to sell cat b or a to the public as a whole.

my td5 90 was a write off, unecomical to repair. look at the pics! mot'd it, taxed it and drove it as was for a while.

personally i wouldn't buy anything with structural damage, the roofs pop, door jams move and they are never right.

stolen recovered/ cat d/c is all ok dependant on your level of competance to repair and your budget, and please view the thing in person before buying. ebay pics have a great way of glossing over bad panels etc

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