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TD5 Disco ll diff lock


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my mate has a face lift Disco ll...... been really happy until today when he tried to pull a van off a wet playing field.

the traction control seemed to be working but it just could get enough grip to move himself and the stuck van....... he felt that his M reg with the difflock engaged would have had no problem what so ever. is this normal??

as its an 03 plate TD5 would it have the diff lock fitted to the transfer box? just minus the lever etc.

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Sounds more like a problem with the tyres to me also.

In fact I'd stick my neck out and say the TD5 with traction control would do a better job of this than a 300tdi with centre diff lock (if both were on the same tyres) :ph34r:

I shall duck for cover now... :P

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Hard to say without actually being there.

Was he "flooring it"? Too much wheelspin is a no-no, the TC will just smoke but do nothing else.

The anti-stall on the TD5 should be enough to let him crawl to take the slack up, and tow the van out, no need for standing starts with loads of revs, in fact that's the worst thing he could do.

The other one of course is if all of the wheels were spinning equally the TC might think that he was moving :blink: It relies on different wheel speeds, if all 4 wheels are turning at the same speed it'll think it's not needed, even if you aren't actually moving :lol: .

In that case I find easing and feeding the throtle on/off/on/off helps (not a lot needed). The TC gets a chance to detect some wheel spin then.

I regularly tow stuff out of holes and mud at our trials (in places you can hardly walk because of the mud!) and don't have CDL. I do have more aggressive tyres on though.

If you think about it CDL alone only gives you 1 wheel drive on each axle (so 2 wheel drive). TC can give you 4 wheel drive if used correctly (in this sort of situation anyway).

Still, it's his money :P

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Traction Control and CDL are a good combination in slippery conditions but you do need the tires to go with them, especially on wet and muddy grass (the most problematical of all traction conditions IMHO).


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