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Electronic Ignition

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Real Newbie question here,

I have a the wiring harness out of my V8, and I'm wondering if it's worth, going the route of electronic ignition vs the points type. Is the overall cost worth the ease of maintenance. As the vehicle will sit for 6 weeks at a time while I'm away at work, will the points type require more attention?



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Even though I am a mad keen advocate of Megajolt, in your case I would say that if the points are working well enough then stick with them (if you were on LPG it would be a different story!).

Over the years I have known of many engines that run beautifully on points - my brother-in-law's 21/4 is a case in point where, after being left for months, it will start within half a turn and tick-over so silky smooth that you can hardly tell it's running.

The main advantage of electronic points is that they don't wear or go out of adjustment - which points tend to do with use, and yours are not seeing a lot of use, so standing for weeks shouldn't really bother them.

On the downside of electronics is the chance of failure (not high I know, but there) and the subsequent increased cost of fixing over that of points.

Of course if you want massive, waterproof, reliable sparks with a customisable advance curve then you should definitely consider Mmmmmm-mmmm... consider Mmmmm-mmmm ...

HEY! Get that gag away from me! :D;):D;)


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