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building a 100 inch

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Yep, there is scope for increased travel if used with longer travel dampers, and therefore better articulation - if you require more that is!

its not about getting more travel, although that is a positive by product,its about reducing axle roll oversteer and Anti squat so it performs better.

also a 100inch wheelbase is very good on 36inch tyres.....seems to be a happy medium


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it was the law side of it that baffled me as if i stand a 80% chance of having to take a sva/ engineers report then i might aswell build it as a new vehicle and save the expence of buying a donor vehicle in the first place as i probable wont use much off it anyway.

i know of loads of people running old series 1's on defender coil chassis and all the rest of it, have they got away with it or are they just a slapped wrist away from having there vehicle taken off the road until the dvla are happy and they have paid all there tax exempt taxs back from when they purchased the vehicle plus fine??

these are the dark bits i am after.

This is more than a bit contentious and there has been a lot of discussion over the years.

Trying to get solid answers from the likes of the DVLA is hard and you often get conflicting answers.

Being able to get an MOT basically means nothing, the vehicle can be perfectly sound but incorrectly registered.

Obvious things like registering what amounts to a 90 as a series 1 is fraud. How much action is taken depends on now you get caught, if you are made an example of the charges could include, road tax fraud, no MOT (the vehicle listed on the MOT ticket is a series 1 you are driving a different vehicle), no insurance (as before not the vehicle listed on the certificate), no road tax (as before) and the vehicle can be impounded (no insurance alone lets them do that) and if its id and ownership ( a series 1 V5 would be for a vehicle that doesn't exist, where is the paperwork for THIS vehicle) cannot be established the vehicle could be crushed. Having said all that if you plead ignorance and grovel you are probable more likely to get a caution and told to remove the vehicle from the road till it is correctly registered, but it all depend on why you are origionally pulled, if it is for driving like an idiot and endangering others you are less likely to get a kindly responce, what mood the person who pulls you is in and if they think you are deliberately trying to evade tax and circumvent the law.

With vehicle modifications it is even more grey, exactly what constitutes a modification requiring an SVA is difficult to pin down, the system is more geared for outright kit cars than modified cars. The line taken by many is to present the vehicle and ask the DVLA if they say it doesn't, get it in writting and keep a copy. Most of the time people will get away with it BUT the problems occure if there is an accident particularly if it is a serious one with people hurt. Then every thing is gone through very closely and if it is decided you should have had an SVA and haven't then the insurance company can pull out (it is your responsability to have the correct paperwork even if you declare all the modifications) and that frankly could leave you in real trouble.

There are thousands of people driving around with no licence, no MOT, not tax and no insurance (I am not talking about LR in particular) most of them get away with it for so long many don't care about being caught again. If you do very few if any road miles then you might decide to take the risk with various points, thats a personal assesment, others will want (or need for other reasons) to have everything correct to the letter. You will not be able to rely on no one noticing all the time, many police drive land rovers as well and several are on this forum so they will be able to spot a heavily modified vehicle or a blatant ringer.

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looking at all the evidance that this great foram has offered i think i will build one from scratch and take it for an sva test as i would have to use the vehicle as a everyday vehicle aswell and im always passing spot checks and police on the way to work and back.

aswell then it will save some of the cost of buying a donar vehicle and loosing most of it which would go towards the test fee.

thanks guys for all your help.

p.s moose when you removed the rear corners from your truck did you need to brace them so they didnt flex and bend?

cheers gavin

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