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Interclub Challenge 2010


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The Interclub Challenge 2010 will be held over two sites - West Harptree and Wellington over the weekend 21/22 Aug 2010.

4x4 Adventures will be running the event with sponsorship form OEC International.

The format will be two days of team events plus night stage(s) of individual vehicles.

Teams are of 5 vehicles of which one must be a std vehicle as per my rules and regs. It must not be a 'detunned' modified vehicle. The std vehicle must not have competed in any other challenge classes than std.

We are holding places for last years teams until 9 Jul. after that team places will be open to other clubs/groups etc.

Current places are offered to (in no particular order)

Challenge South West

Wooldrigde Demolition



Midland Off Road Club


If you would like to be added to the reserve team list please drop let us know

As the event was born here i am sure you wont mind it being advertised. if so please remove.

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Pre-Event Information.


Saturday 21st Aug – West Harptree, Bristol.

Proposed night event Saturday 22nd Aug – Culmhead, Wellington.

Sunday 22nd Aug – Culmhead, Wellington.


Currently planned to be all stages for both days with individual night stage(s). Similar to Sunday of the Interclub 2009.


Your team ‘manager’ should collect all entries and monies due and send these to 4x4Adventures.

Only upon receipt of the entire team’s fees and all entry forms will the booking be accepted.

The entry fee is £125 per vehicle i.e. (£625 per team).

An Entry form is attached with this email.

If you don’t wish to hold a team place please let us know.

Places will reserved for last years teams until 9 Jul 10. After this date places will be given on a first come first served basis to those on the reserve list. Please note there is already a reserve list in operation.

Team makeup:

Each team consists of 5 vehicles.

One of the 5 vehicles must be a standard class.

The min of 1 x Std vehicle as defined by our rules and regs. This vehicle must be a true std vehicle, not one that is ‘detuned’ for the event and it must not have competed in any class other than Std class in previous challenge events.

There will be a maximum of 6 teams competing.

Team Invitations: Challenge South West, Wooldridge Demolition, Innovate 4x4, Midland Off Road Club, LR4x4 and AWDC. We have a reserve list of other teams who have expressed an interest. I will keep places for the above teams until 9th Jul, thus giving you all over 2mths to put together a team if you wish to enter.

Registration Pack:

Once your team has registered and a team place has been allocated, your team manager will receive a ‘registration pack’ via email. This will contain specific site details and mapping with directions and timings for the event. It will also explain in detail the scoring system that will be used.


Camping will be available from Friday 1400hrs at the West Harptree site. Exact location details will be confirmed with your registration information pack.


Saturday 21st Aug 10

Where: West Harptree

Time: 0800hrs

There is ample trailer parking available on grass.

Saturday 21st – Night

Where: Wellington

Time: 1900hrs.

Sunday 22nd - Day

Where: Wellington

Time: 0830hrs

Site Split:

In order to maximise the terrain and sites available to us, and to give you something new compared to last year, we will be running the event on split sites as previously detailed. This will therefore be two camp site locations. Friday night at West Harptree and Saturday night at Culmhead. There will be 4hrs between the end of the day stages on Saturday (at West Harptree) and the start of the night stages (at Wellington) in order for you to move and reset camp at Culmhead. The main sponsor hosting will take place at Wellington.

Rules and Regs:

Prior to entering the competition you should check that your vehicle complies with our rules and regulations detailed here: http://www.4x4adventures.co.uk/_main/winch_challenge_event_rules_and_regs.htm


Each day will consist of several team event challenges.

Further details regarding scoring will be provided in the registration pack.

Sponsorship & Prizes:

OEC International has kindly agreed to sponsor the event and will be providing the prizes.


It is hoped to have a catering van on site at Wellington for Saturday evening and Sunday morning. These facilities are not guaranteed and teams should plan to be self sufficient.

There will be portaloos at both sites.


Whilst there will be personnel involved with the organisation of the event around at both sites for the majority of the event competitors are responsible for their own vehicle/equipment and associated possessions. 4x4Adventures and OEC International will take no responsibility for the loss or damage to any possessions.


Competitors should be cleared and departed from the site and camping grounds by Sunday 1900hrs.

The expected finish time for Sunday is 1530hrs followed by results and prize giving. Prize giving will take place at the Wellington main car park/camping field.


Spectators are more than welcome over the whole weekend and may camp at no charge.


Pets are not permitted on any of the sites. Please pass this message onto anyone who you know intending to come and spectate. Last year Saturdays event was nearly stopped due to a spectator initially refusing to remove their pet from the site.

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Hi, do the vehicles need to be taxed? In the Challenger 4x4 Series there is a need for them to be MOTed but they don't have to have road tax.

I hope i havent missed this info above.

Many thanks Ben

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Hi, do the vehicles need to be taxed? In the Challenger 4x4 Series there is a need for them to be MOTed but they don't have to have road tax.

I hope i havent missed this info above.

Many thanks Ben

from the links above:


All vehicles must be presented with a current MOT certificate, be road taxed and be in a roadworthy and road legal condition.

1. All drivers must hold a current Full Driving Licence.

2. The public right of way sections are not included in the event and should be considered as transit sections only.

3. It is the drivers responsibility to ensure they comply and operate within the letter of the law if driving on a public right of way – ie road, track, byway etc.

4. Particular attention should be paid to not dropping debris on to the right of way, and having working and functional direction indicators, lights and a clear VRN displayed.

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does anyone know if lr4x4 are putting a team together

i have no idea but as they entered a team last year they have a place reserved until the 9 Jul, i know TC is not running with it and did hear Orange MAY be putting together team but that aside i am none the wiser.

Feel free to take up the reins as at this rate it looks like LR4x4 wont have a team entered.

Wooldridge Demolition are all entered and paid up.

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i am now presuming AWDC and LR4x4 will not be entering specific teams as i have heard nothing specific to date from anyone within either group who is actually putting a team together. Everyone seems to think someone else is doing it.

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Does anyone have an upto date contact email or phone number for Adrian Catchpole on here, i believe he is running the team for LR4x4 but he hasnt come back to me from the last few emails so i am taking it the place may not be wanted? Or is someone else now running it?

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Further to above, i stand corrected. Adrian is NOT organising a team.

LR4x4 are not currently entering a team for this event, unless someone wants to step fwd?

All you need to do is get 5 road legal vehicles and gather their entries and send them off to me by he 2 Aug 10.

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they contact me ages ago about wanting to do it. I sent all the info back to them, we exchanged a few emails and then nothing. tried chasing them on here and email and eventually gave up. I have just sorted the stages and land fees etc this weekend so the four teams is pretty much it, it would seem.

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It was Muddy Bottom, they had a few pages about them & thier trucks.

Seems they are mostly the mashals & the guy that runs the site in the new forest.

Looking at the trucks most would struggle in all fairness if last year is anything to go by :D;) but thats not to say they'd have had a great time & thoughrouly enjoyed themselves. :P

Their loss :rolleyes:

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