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Brake bleeding help


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Hi Folks,

Bled the brakes on my D1 200tdi yesterday (non-abs)- secondary curcuit front & rear no problem but when I came to bleed the primary curcuit (i.e. top front bleed screws) no fluid came out. Checked both screws were not blocked and am using easy-bleed off tyre pressure.Took it for a road test after and, although brakes ok, if pressure kept on brake pedal it will sink gradually and not hold firm pressure. I suspect the later is due to faulty master cylinder seals but can't understand why I can't bleed primary curcuit.Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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Try bleeding by using good old foot pressure. It's possible that the master cylinder is not working for the front brakes (try skidding on loose gravel). If the brake hoses are old, then they may have collapsed internally and preventing fluid from syphoning out. You could also try removing the bleed nipple entirely and press the pedal.

Foot pressure is a lot more powerful than a pressure bleeder.


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Thanks for your prompt reply Les. I'll try what you suggest when I can recruit a "foot". :D I'm sure the front brakes are working due to the signs of pad wear and condition of the disc.

Regards, Dave

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If you have got twin front brake lines on the front.

then you should have 3 bleed nipples per front caliper bleed all three at the same time.

I had the problem you describe on an old RR, this sorted it as there was still some air in the system.

hope this helps


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