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S1 pedal assembly for cable controlled throttle


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I have a 2.5L NA Diesel that I am fitting to my Series 1 project. Does anyone have suggestions for connecting the throttle cable to the accelerator pedal. The one guy I know that did this took a Defender Pedal Assembly cut off the pedal and welded on a Series pedal. I was thinking I could just connect the cable to the cross shaft lever but I haven't assembled that far and don't know if there will be a suitable place to hang the cable outer.

Anyone want to chime in?

Thanks in advance,

Brad Guillory

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Simplest way would be to weld a rod or bar nearly sticking up from the pedal - and attach the inner cable to it. The cable will sit happily in something simple like a saw cut 1/2 in long - and a dimple drilled at the end of the cut on the cable nipple side might be a nice touch. I've seen them fitted so that the outer simply rests on a hole drilled in the bulkhead, the hole being just big enough to allow the nipple on the cable end to pass. You may find a cable with a nice screwed ferrule for the outer. The rod or bar welded to the cable is simply positioned so that you get full travel on the pedal and the cable doesn't kink.

The other end is something similar - and really depends on what scrap bits are to hand.

The proper S3 diesel cable basically used all the throttle rods formerly used for the rod setup with a cable connection between the car linkage and the pump linkage. The actual cable is only about 1 foot long. The 90 cable simply comes off a bar welded to the pedal and used a much longer cable.

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