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freelander abs light

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hi all,

just looked at a y plate td4 and noticed that when it is first started the abs light stays on. it does go out after the first few yards of driving but i havnt noticed this on any other freelanders i have looked at. does anybody have any ideas what this is or is it the norm and i have just missed it in the past.

Thanx, Dave

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Well, I have an 04 reg TD4 and mine doesn't do it. It might be a dodgy sensor on one of the wheels not getting a proper signal until a wheel has rotated or perhaps there is a different ABS software release on earlier models. Does it always do it when you have stopped and switched off and on again?

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This is normal. It happens on my 1998. It is in the handbook and it explains why.

It doesn't happen on my 2002 TD4. The entry has been removed from the later handbook. I guess this must have been done around the 2000MY or 2001MY



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Models earier upto and including the 1A chassis range of TD4 use a passive ABS sensor that needs the reluctor rings rotating in order to generate a signal for the abs control unit to function - the self check takes place as the vehicle is diven away and if all ok the light goes off. if it stays on .....£££

Later models use different sensors and abs unit which presumably are capable of self check without the vehicle moving off.

I was concerned when I bought mine but its in the handbook about it staying on so nothing to worry about at all.

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