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Tyre pressure please.


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cheers m&s i have just done them and decided to do them front 30 psi and rear 40 psi.



03 d2 td5 auto e.s.

The land Rover manual states 28 front and 38 rear. So thats what they should be.


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I run mine at 28 (front) and 32 (rear). Current tyres are 38000 miles old and have no signs of uneven wear.... I pump the rears up to 40 if it's got a load of weight in, or I'm towing heavy stuff.

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My manual states 31 front, 38 rear.

My tyres state 36 max though....

Being lazy, I run mine inbetween the normal and maximum load tolerances, so I too use 30 front and 40 back. The car is often well-loaded so I think that's about right. The car has done 163000 miles under my ownership, and on third set of tyres.

First (original) Michelin 4x4 lasted to 70,000 miles.

Second BFG All Terrain lasted 70,000 miles to 150000 miles (still legal - I sold them!)

Third (current) set been on for 13000 miles - Grabber AT2's.

Happy with 30/40 psi, tyres last fine, and decent MPG without being too bouncy.

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