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Zeus Timing Gear instructions for 2.25

David Sparkes

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I appreciate there are differing views about the value of the Zeus Timing Gear conversion, but that isn't the point of this post.

A colleague has a set of old stock but unused gears for a 2.25 engine, but has lost the instructions over all the time he's had the kit on the shelf. Zeus are struggling to supply a replacement set of instructions for this obsolete product, which apparently only has 3 gears, against the 5 gears used on a 200TDi engine.

By any chance, has anyone got a set of the old instructions they could scan or copy for me, so I can pass them on?

My colleague will appreciate the Land Rover brotherhood coming to his rescue.

I am still chasing Zeus with frequent phone calls, but I thought it worth spreading the net a little wider.


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From what i remember the mounting plate for the idler wheel bolted on in place of the chain tensioner, there was a gear that went on the crank as a replacement for the sprocket and there was a gear for the cam and i think it has 6 keyways just like the cam chain sprocket, timing is then set like with the chain set up. If it only has one keyway in the cam gear its just a case of lining up the marks on all of the gears. The idler gear retaining bolts are locked with loctite IIRC.

I fitted a set 20yrs ago so the details are getting a bit vague now.

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Thanks for your response Phil.

I hope you will understand if I say I'll hold it in reserve for the moment.

It possibly reads better if the reader has a set of gears in front of him. :-)


I have rung Zeus again today, but everyone was busy, so I had to leave a message. I don't expect a response.

Unlike any other phone system I've met in a small company, the caller not only has to speak the message, but then press # to save the message, then press 3 to store or forward the message (I'm not sure). They have never called back after I've left previous messages, but perhaps I haven't operated their phone system correctly; today was the first time I'd stayed on line long enough to hear the request to press 3.


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philbert, thanks for posting, because I'd forgotten I'd left this query here.

I can close this now, because Zeus did eventually respond and supply a set of instructions.

My colleague confirmed they made sense, but he has since been heavily involved in looking after a sick relative, so has missed out on his Land Rover therapy.

He lives to far away for me to visit.


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I think the best thing to do with them is to bin them - if they are no better than the quality of the bellhousing I had off them.Made of soft cheese,it needed 2 hrs of fettling to make it fit,(200TDI - LT95) and lasted less than a year before the pivot for the clutch fork broke out.

The gear sets for the TDI's they did didnt exactly have a good reputation,and the chain and gears arent exactly a problem anyway.

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