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Front Fascia Conversion 200tdi


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I would like to convert the old tired front end of my disco 200 to the 300 style (headlamps, headlamp finishers, grille etc) does anyone if there is a technical thread on this anywhere? is it a big job? I am aware that the headlamp box will have to be modified, are there any other things I should be aware of?

Many Thanks


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From memory, the two headlights have different mountings to the front bulkhead. The 200 has two lugs while the 300 has three. I think. Does the 200 not have tohose wrap around thingies around the headlights and indicators? If so, does this mean that the wings are a different shape?

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It is possible to do.

You need to talk to someone nicely who has got a 300 series to start with. Then armed with some cardboard, some biscuits/beer/cider/whatever they like, and an hour or two to spare, go and visit them. Then once bribed with pre purchased items, make some templates with the cardboard as to where to make some incisions.

From memory the wings are the same 200/300 series (well they look the same)

The main reason for the templates is to make it easier, as they do have three mountings as opposed to the 200 series 2 mountings.

The other option is to find a scrapper and cut the mounting panels out and re weld them into yours. Although i'd prefer to use the template method

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