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EGR bypass and K&N filter on TD5


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I fitted an EGR removal kit and had a performance filter. Didn't notice any difference with the EGR kit, maybe, just maybe it pulled out of junctions a touch better, but maybe that was wishful thinking :unsure:

I have since removed the performance filter (was fitted by previous owner who did nothing but motorway miles) and found no difference either.

Verdict, both made no odds, but I'm happy knowing that I'm not recirculating soot through my engine :)

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intertesting, if anybody else has feedback let us know. I too will happily pull off the EGR just so as not to recirculate dirty air. In addition the fault codes on my vehicle indicate it has been stuck at some time.

The air filter I am less convinced will make any difference.....its no performance motor.

I also wonder if it will filter as well, I know the makers state they do but I am not entirely convinced.

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EGR removal is a good mod. Stops dirty air geting recycled and one less thing to fail in the future. If your has already logged fault codes I'd get it off and be done with.

Do a search for "K&N" air filters please...stop this thread turning into another long one about them <_< Like Kenlow fans, it's been done to death and there are two cvamps that will never agree!

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