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Plasma cutter


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Hi all,

Im looking at a Cut 40 plasma cutter on the Bay of E, was wondering if anyone knew if they were any good? its reasonably priced at a bit over 100 and says it will cut up to 8mm. I want it for general fab on land rovers, up to about 3mm steel so should be ok?



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I have a Cut 50 plasma and it rips through 3mm mild steel very easily. I haven't done more than a couple of hours work with it, but no problems so far. All the consumable are cheap and easy picked up as well.

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I have a cut 40. Defo need a 16A plug if using at full chat. The 8mm claim is a bit optimistic! But will cut 3mm no probs, cut starts getting a bit raggy above 5mm unless you faff about with amps/air pressure a lot to "tune it". For the money there pretty good.



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