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wheel wobble


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Can any 1 help. I have A wheel wobble @ slow speed. especially turning left or right. I have put it down to the tyres being aggressive.I have checked the wheel bearings, the prop, the drop arm ball joint,panard rod & can't find any play in any off it. So I am @ a loss now ? sad.gifsad.gif

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I have had this problem with a RRC, it ended up it was a puncture repair that was causing it. Stuck with this annoying problem for 6 months then the local little dears started to jam knifes into tyres for fun!!! went for two new rear tyres and found that when the tyres where replaced the wobble went.

I would try putting your rears on the front and front on the rear to see if the wobble goes


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I had exactly the same problem on my P38 although not on aggressive tyres and it turned out to be a bit of damage to the wheel itself, only small but it was causing more wobble than you would like. I changed the fronts with the rears and it went away. Then I swapped out the offending wheel with the spare and all was good. Best thing is to get the problem wheel balanced again which is what I did and you could see it wasnt perfect but they got it real close and my wobbles stopped. It might be nothing to do with this but it worked for me.

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